UK - Account is billed despite trying to cancel - Company: Lotto Social

Hi there.

I signed up to a company in the UK that is a lotto syndicate (Lotto Social).

Despite trying to cancel my account (which judging by the reviews left on Trust Pilot, is impossible), I’m still being billed each week.

Monzo doesn’t really give me many options to dispute the transactions. I can either report the transaction as fraudulent, activate a gambling block (not 100%). that’s basically it.

Can anyone advise what I can do?


Just my opinion, but if you cancelled (or were unable to cancel) and they are still taking money, that would be fraudulent.


Is it a card payment or a Direct Debit? If it’s a DD you can cancel it yourself and if it’s a recurring card payment you can ask Monzo who have to stop it for you under regulations.

Though be aware of any contractual obligations that could lead to a bad mark against your name.

Also try maybe? They appear to deal with Lotto Social complaints on your behalf.


Thank you all for helping out! I’ve contacted Monzo via telephone, and they’ve blocked any more transactions from Lotto Social. They mentioned that they may try to take more using a different name, etc, and in that case it’s advised to get a new card.

Great advice re@ I may report the company if they try anything else!