UI bug when freezing card from 3D touch


When freezing the card via the 3D touch option, the app opens up with the following:

Note the frost effect is over the entire card pane and buttons instead of the card only.

When defrosting from 3D touch another bug happens where the frost effect disappears but the card itself remains blurry.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #2

You might want to consider hiding your personal data from that screenshot @anon23935806

(Tom ) #3

Yep I note same behaviour. To be clear this is when 3D touch is used on app icon.

App opens and shows entire area frozen, and Freeze button doesn’t turn to Defrost.

(James) #4

Also noticed this, reported it through in-app support a while ago though.

I find that sometimes it doesn’t actually freeze the card from the 3D Touch option either.


Yes I considered that, but to be honest my email is public anyway and my balance would just discourage fraudsters from robbing me. :joy: