Freeze Card (Confirmation pop up)


I think it’s neat how easily one can freeze and unfreeze their card (with Apple Pay it works very harmoniously).

However, with Gpay on my work phone I’ve had issues with relinking the card where I’ve accidentally fat fingered the freeze button (this may be a bug).

Perhaps a confirmation screen is in order? Thanks

Hey! I just did a quick check on my personal phone, and my card disappeared straight away when frozen as expected, and returned pretty much straight away too when unfrozen. Might be some weird behaviour in your work phone. :frowning: I have a Huawei P30 on Android Q (9). What phone and OS version is your work phone?

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Hi, it is a Galaxy s10 with Android Pie (9)
and gPay. We use Intune and have a fair amount of IT restrictions though. Thanks!

I haven’t had an issue myself with gpay and freezing

I tried again earlier today and had the same issue - let me see if any of my IT policies are causing the problem. Thanks.

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