Uber Jump Electric Bikes

So if you happen to be in Islington you can now hire an electric bike via the Uber app. I’ve seen them littered all around the place over the last few days and it seems they are going all out with this trial.

The brand is called Jump and correct me if I’m wrong, but the colour of the bikes screams “MONZO!”. Is that because I’m in a Monzo bubble or have they stolen a trick from Hugo’s trainers/Debenhams’ gift card/whatever the true story is behind Hot Coral?

Also, discuss the service if you care to :grinning:

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£1 then 12p a minute sounds expensive

I have a feeling we will end up just like China if all this bike hire thing continues.

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Lime (the same scheme but for much more of the UK) is £1 initial then 15p per minute. Guess Uber had to be slightly competitive!

Yep… In LA, Uber have the scooters as well as the bikes.

I can’t see these coming to Manchester anytime soon.

We scared off a free use scheme a few months back :sweat_smile:.

So if I were to use one to get to/from work that’s £1 + (540*.12) so a total of £65.80 per day, or £329 a week :grimacing:

And that’s assuming they deliver the bike to my house & there’s no travel cost to collect it.

Gonna have to get cheaper to become mainstream.

I think the idea is once you get to your destination you lock them into a special stand so you only pay for the time your riding it not the whole day.