Uber and Uber Eats

When using my Monzo card in Uber Eats, it shows up in the Monzo app as Uber (ride) or Uber Eats.

It’s not consistent and happens rather randomly, but I’ve had it many times and it ends up affecting the summary as they’re different categories.

Not sure if it’s a bug in the app or monzo, or if it’s Uber’s fault.

Hi Emad,

Sort of Uber’s fault in the way they process the payments but you wouldn’t notice it with other banks as they don’t attempt to the enrich the data on their bank statements (I.E. Monzo give you the merchant name e.g. Waitrose & Partners rather than Waitrose London GBR which is what you would see with a legacy bank ).

You can read more from a Monzo colleague: Parent brand vs sub-brand. Applies to a few retailers unfortunately!