✅ [Android/iOS] Uber merchant name is not shown

(Phil) #1

Issue: Recently, Uber transactions have shown a code (maybe the ride number?) instead of “Uber” as the merchant name.

Not sure if relevant, but these rides have been ordered with a Fanily account i.e. my other half ordered an Uber and it was paid for by our joint account.


Merchant Data Corrections

How have you got a picture of your little head in the corner of each?

(Kieran) #3

That’s a joint account :slight_smile:


Ahhh… Thank you.

(Michael) #5

Curious. Have my Monzo card added direct to the Uber app (rather than via Google Pay) and seeing correct details, but this is with my individual account

(James Haworth) #6

I’m having the same problem with an individual Uber account (except with a ‘Trip-‘ prefix).

I’ve added my Monzo card to my Uber account rather than using Apple Pay.

(Michael) #7

I will have to keep a watch out then

(Rika Raybould) #8

Argh, Uber changed their transaction title again.

I’ll fix this for new transactions when I get into work tomorrow.

(Michael) #9

Thanks. Uber do seem from experience to have a fairly new and decent payment system, but I guess they are not able to resist tinkering

(Phil) #10

Thank you!