✅ [Android/iOS] Uber merchant name is not shown

Issue: Recently, Uber transactions have shown a code (maybe the ride number?) instead of “Uber” as the merchant name.

Not sure if relevant, but these rides have been ordered with a Fanily account i.e. my other half ordered an Uber and it was paid for by our joint account.




How have you got a picture of your little head in the corner of each?

That’s a joint account :slight_smile:


Ahhh… Thank you.

Curious. Have my Monzo card added direct to the Uber app (rather than via Google Pay) and seeing correct details, but this is with my individual account

I’m having the same problem with an individual Uber account (except with a ‘Trip-‘ prefix).


I’ve added my Monzo card to my Uber account rather than using Apple Pay.

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I will have to keep a watch out then

Argh, Uber changed their transaction title again.

I’ll fix this for new transactions when I get into work tomorrow.


Thanks. Uber do seem from experience to have a fairly new and decent payment system, but I guess they are not able to resist tinkering

Thank you!