Tymit Digital Credit Card

The Referrals Wiki seems to be full so I can’t add to it. But if anyone wants to join the Tymit waiting list, feel free to use my referral link!

Well, for better or worse I’ve joined the wait list.
Let’s see what happens now.
I do like that black card though

Well, it’s more dark blue I’d have said.

They are also live on android. I have a referral link which I can’t add to the wiki so feel free to ask

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Hi all, in the interests of keeping this thread clean I’ve removed some referral link posts.

If you have a referral link you’d like to share, please post it in the Referral Wiki: Post/Find Here thread.



Are we supposed to just post in the thread now? The wiki can’t be added to as it says there are too many characters.

It should be good again :slight_smile:

But I question how useful maintaining this even is. Lots of links aren’t even used.


I keep seeing ads on Instagram from Tymit - anyone yet made it out of the waiting list?

I got an invite but because I am on Android it didnt work. The Android app is out but as far as I know the sign up flow isnt working yet.

I got an invite but declined :joy:

I’m currently using it and the only thing I’ve found useful thus far is being able to group together spending.

For example I bought dinner for the family last week and we went to a few places for different people so I grouped all the payments together under the name Family Dinner and it showed a total amount and made viewing the statement much easier.

I’ve been using Tymit now for a few months.
Have had a few issues getting the card actually activated but in their defence, their support has been fantastic!

To pay the card each month though, it’s to a Barclays bank account ; they provide you the sort code and account number so no way to actually pay through the app as of yet.

Also on android, and according to the app, I’m number 7312 on the list. :rofl:
It has gone up occasionally, but then drops down again, so been hovering around that number for a couple of months.
Looks like I’ll be waiting a bit longer yet

I’ve got a Tymit card too. Have only used it once to check that it works, I got it as a fallback 0% FX card in case Tandem closed. So it will get a proper workout from March… I won’t be using the “spread the cost” options but it looks to me like a smarter way or using a credit card than having open ended debt with a minimum payment. But we’ll see…

Quick reminder, please use the Referral Wiki for posting any referral links :grinning:

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Interesting, I got an invite for Tymit 2 days ago…

Coincidentally I made a comment on their constant instagram ads that “I’d love to join if the waitlist would open up!”.

Not sure if related or not…

The app and sign up is breezy, will see what the app is like when it gets used!

@BritishLibrary what are the limits like? If you don’t mind me asking

Sure! I’ve not seen an advertised upper limit, but they gave me £3.5k

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And having a look to see what else they offer -

If you spread the payment over multiple months, I get a rate of 16.3% (ranges from 12% - 22.7% their website says) but the rate for me is fixed regardless of repayment period.

And the range of limits is £500 - £15k

Interestingly, the repayment mechanism works only by “Full payment” or “Pick an installment”, as far as I can tell!