Two joint accounts

Is there a way to create two accounts for the same two people? My partner and I have a joint account for groceries. Now we are having a baby and need a SEPARATE area for money to spend on things for the baby. We do not want to put all of the money into the grocery account, as it makes it more confusing about how much money is available for each. Creating a pot also doesn’t to be the solution. We are very certain that we don’t want all of the money for food + baby in the same account or summary – we would prefer to have one card for baby and one card for food. Is this possible?

You can create a joint pot and name it baby spending and use that money? You won’t be able to open a second joint account.

No it’s not possible, you’ll need to open another account elsewhere or use pots.

That said, as someone who has a baby I can tell you that what you’re aiming to achieve will be difficult. If you find yourself picking up some bits for the baby whilst out at the supermarket will you pay in two separate transactions on two cards?
Then you’ve got weaning, where you’ll essentially be buying food for the baby along with your groceries making the checkout process more complicated again.

I understand wanting to keep the money separate, but keeping it in a separate account is only going to cause frustration.

Thanks Nikos. It seems though that the pots are only for savings and aren’t really accessible if, say, we’re at the shop and need to tap our card. (I could have that wrong.)

It probably will get a bit messy, but the baby account is mainly for bigger purchases such as clothes, toys and gear – not food from the supermarket. There will be some bleed-over in terms of picking up, say, nappies from the supermarket but we’d like something separate that is a bit more substantial for bigger baby purchases.

I have a similar need which is managed by having a joint starling account for groceries. If we buy additional non-grocery items when shopping we pay with starling and replenish the monies from our monzo account… simple and effective… been doing this for years with no problems.

Also, the separate account can be used for other things, like childcare and we can simply increase our grocery budget to accommodate baby. Of course, as you say, if it’s frustrating we may have to revisit.

In the meantime, do you know if it’s possible to use pots for everyday spending? For instance, say we put £xx in a pot for, say, toys and clothes, then when I’m at a shop can I use that money in the pot to pay for it? My experience with having a personal and joint Monzo on my phone is that I’m constantly paying from the wrong account and having to transfer the £ over to the correct one.

Have you read the article below?
You basically have two options with Monzo - use categories to monitor spending or use Pots to set money aside for various purposes and gradually withdraw from them

You need to manually move money out of the pot as and when you need it. For example if you purchase some baby clothes for £20 you would move £20 out of your baby pot.