Two cards delivered


I have 2 Monzo cards delivered to me (different expiry and number). I have already activated one and have been using it for almost a week now. Should I return the second card?

It depends on which is which.

If the one you’re using is the first you ordered, you can keep the second one as a spare. If you’re using the second one then the first is useless.

And there’s no easy way to know.

I would keep the second one safe incase you lose the first and then you can find out from support if you can use it or not.

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Can it be lent to a friend?

The one that works or the one that doesn’t ? :slight_smile: - only one will work on your account , both will have been registered to your account , I would be very surprised if they were transferable


What I meant to ask is - can the second card actually be registered with a different account?


Great! Thank you guys so much! :smile:

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From the help section in app it seems to me to suggest its more trouble than its worth for Monzo , if indeed it is possible to allocate the card number to a new customer , just as easy to get your friend to register themselves