Replacement card question

So I have a monzo card already and I am able to use it however I was wondering if I could have two cards and use both of them fine? Reason behind this is that I would like to keep one safe incase I end up losing it and I need to use it the same day. I don’t want to be waiting for a new one to arrive.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to have multiple cards associated with one account at the moment.

A friend ordered his yesterday, it arrived today :wink:

Are you on iOS or Android? I have my monzo on android pay for this reason! I always have my phone on me, that way if I forget my wallet or lose it I turn NFC payments on on my phone and use that!

I understand but if I need to make an emergency new payment I would need the numbers and CSV etc so that’s why I would prefer to have two cards than one. I don’t mind paying for the extra

Ah okay understood thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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No worries!
The best I can suggest is asking COps if they’ll send you out a non-personalised spare but I expect you’ll have to have a very good reason :wink:

Whilst it isn’t possible to have 2 live cards on one account, the only time the card is associated with your account is when you activate it in app so if you were to have one waiting in the wings ready to be activated I guess that would work for you?

Hmm that would work but I just hope they would let you see all your details in the app (android)

As in all your card details?

How would this help in your use case?

Then I could have all my details at hand, as I said it’s incase I need to make a new payment so like over online which I havnt registered my card

Perhaps you could register your card on paypal and use your paypal account?

Pen and paper? Or a note or photo on your phone?