TV Shows!

I’m disappointed none of these emojis are clickable!

Spoiler alert though, there’s a sneaky clickable one somewhere in this thread for you captain jack sparrows out there.

I use a VPN to access my friend’s paramount plus subscription. All the episodes are out now, so it’s a good time to rinse the trial if you take this route and can’t wait for the UK launch.

Alllllll the emoji

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Halo was a yes.

Stranger Things 4 was also a big yes. Can’t wait for part 2.


So, Night Sky on Amazon Prime.

Anybody seen?

Am I the only one a little confused about what’s going on? I’ve seen the final ep, just not really sure what happened :joy:

I barely check prime. What’s it about? Worth watching?

It’s on my ‘to watch’ list. I nearly started it tonight, but got distracted by Backstage with Katherine Ryan and watched that instead. Interesting experiment, but the backstage chats felt a bit more forced than I was expecting (plus Jimmy Carr seemed to break things for a period), and I would have liked to have seen more of Mr Swallow’s set.

It’s difficult to say anything without any spoilers in any form.

I’m also the worst at trying to explain things :joy:

“Irene and Franklin York have kept secret a chamber that leads to a deserted planet, but the arrival of an enigmatic young man upends their quiet existence.” is from the web.

The chamber is interesting, and it seems the guy is on the run from some kind of cult.

It’s a slow watch, but I quite enjoyed it. Hope a season 2 comes as the ending opened up so much story :sweat_smile:

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Just started the new season of Borgen, best part of 10 years since it previously finished, but Netflix have resurrected it.

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I’ve found myself watching The Lazarus Project, it’s very good and I’m only 2 episodes in