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Don’t tempt me back into watching again! :weary:

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Watched the latest Dr Who twice today, it’s so good. It left me wanting to just binge watch it, but alas no can do

Any other opinions that don’t agree are not relevant :upside_down_face: :rofl:


Easily the best opening episode of Chibnall/Jodie’s entire run. Absolutely brilliant.


Episode 2 was an absolute corker as well. This season is off to a brilliant start.


Yes I saw on YouTube that Keefee dee said he passed the gun to the person who did it, but wouldn’t name him

3 episodes into Squid Game and loving it

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Those “Art of Dialogue” interviews are really something, right? Keefee is extremely unreliable - he’s about to get sued by DJ Quik for saying Quik had something to do with BIG’s death, which is patently ridiculous. But the evidence of him being in the shooter car with Orlando in Vegas has been substantiated for years at this point.

Dialogue spoiled by the stupidly high background music though. At points you couldn’t make out what the characters were saying.

Well at least I know I’m not going mad, this just popped up

I didn’t have a problem with this particular episode, but I’ve definitely noticed poor balancing in the past. The one that springs to mind is the first Peter Capaldi episode, Deep Breath. I remember struggling with that one!

Seems to be more of a BBC America problem, judging by that article. I literally just finished watching the episode myself and didn’t notice anything particularly egregious myself re: the sound levels.

TBH, I’d thought that Americans might complain more about John Bishop’s accent than mixing levels :laughing:


I’ve wondered if it’s down to individual TVs (or makes/models)… I’ve heard similar complaints on UK forums and yet not once have I ever experienced it despite watching every episode.

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Every program I watch is fine, the 1st episode of Dr Who was fine. Struggled again with this weekends installment though along with last week’s.

Hi all. I can heartily recommend “Couples Therapy” on iPlayer. Surprising, shocking, fulfilling, please give it a couple of episodes. For those of us who are married it may offer insights, it is certainly shocking.

We are crawling through:

The Tourist (BBC)
Cobra Kai

Started Mare of Eastown I think but was slow, I’ll have another go from reviews above.

See (Apple TV) first series was ok, can’t grasp season 2 :sleeping:

Watch the first few minutes of the first episode last night. Had to turn it off because the bloke (Mau, I think he was called?) was annoying me so much by being such a massive, self-centred f****** prick.

I’ll go back and watch more of the show, I’m sure, but if there are more people like him, I may have to take it all in small doses :sweat_smile:

Mare is fantastic, I binged it over the Christmas period (~1 episode a day). Thematically it scratched many of the same itches for me as Happy Valley did, while also being different enough in its own way that it’s absolutely its own show.

Should be interesting if they do a season two, given the makers have acknowledged that they won’t be able to ignore the fact that not all cops are good people, given everything that has happened in real life since they made the first season.

Heard that from a few folks who enjoyed the first season. I personally found season two to be much better. Settled into itself and found a nice pace and narrative.

I watched Stay Close just before my Netflix subscription ran out. Enjoyed and would recommend that. I’ve liked all of Harlan Coben’s Netflix stuff though, and this is not different except it stars Cush Jumbo. Great actress.


He gets worse.

I’m really out of it with Archive 81 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Watched the second episode. I hate him. I hate him so much. Am glad that most of the episode is filled with other people who are more three-dimensional than him.

Locke and Key is worth a watch on netflix , the squid game was also good im sure they are making a 2nd series of that , if you liked the squid game give alice in borderland a try

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