TV Shows!

Do you mean new gems? Everyone’s pipeline has been hit because of the pandemic, so I guess we’ll see if there’s now an uptick. But the total number of great shows is just enormous.

And it’s not just the A plus dramas. Netflix is effectively TV in our house. The breadth is what makes it so great that there’s always something to watch (from triple A drama to reality TV, true crime, documentaries and kids cartoons).

The movie collection is also very decent these days. Lots of quality (if older) films to watch.

I wouldn’t say new, no. It’s been like this for a good few years before the pandemic. They had lots of good stuff, good originals, then they started throwing out lots and lots of cheap tat, with maybe one or two decent shows each year.

I got the impression they were just buying ready made stuff that no one else really wanted as a means to flesh out their catalogue. A shame really, because their good originals or often really good, and I’d have preferred they focused on those.

This was all fine and tolerable, because I was never going to pay for Sky again. But then Disney+ and Apple TV arrive with solid, consistently good shows, and suddenly I find myself having never so much as opened the Netflix app for months.

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And axing the good stuff. GLOW, The OA, Sense8, just three shows with cult followings off the top of my head

But they throw a load of crap out with probably more mass market appeal for the itv crowd (sorry don’t mean to offend anyone who likes itv)

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I imagine you’re exaggerating for effect on the one or two shows.

There’s definitely a breadth of content of varying quality but I’d argue that’s exactly the sort of long tail you need to keep the service sticky.

I don’t subscribe for Friends / How I Met Your Mother / Paw Patrol but they all definitely get watched and keep Netflix on heavy rotation.

I can only really comment on Disney+, but the amount of new original content is far from huge. We have it mainly because of the price and the animated back catalogue, which makes it a no brainer for the kids.

Apples content seems well reviewed, but again it’s small. I’d argue that Disney and Apple are the services you could easily subscribe to for one or two months and watch everything worthwhile. Obviously this will change over time as their libraries build up.

Every service is only ever going to have so much new content that specifically appeals to any one person.

Your definition of older must suffer from mine, I can hardly find any old films on there at all!

I have access to them all and more than having nothing to watch, I struggle to find what to watch.



This is literally just what my film tab surfaced. Plenty of decent options to keep someone entertained.

Probably, but it’s hard to quantify, given how few there have actually been over the past 3 or 4 years.

The shows are complimentary for me. Disney+ is more for the films, and it’s had a good number of good films over the last year. Not all of them locked behind premier access either, though the wait isn’t too long. That’s been a nice breath of fresh air.

They haven’t had many shows, but I’ve enjoyed the few originals I’ve tried, mostly marvel, and I don’t even like Marvel. Also enjoyed some of the Star stuff, though not all of that is new.

It was small. I wouldn’t describe it like that anymore. There’s enough now that I’ve always got something to watch, which is probably the most influential aspect in deciding to cancel Netflix. To put it into perspective, I’ve currently enjoying more Apple Originals right now alone, than I have Netflix originals released over the last 5 years.

Absolutely, and for me Netflix is not that platform anymore. It’s a shame really, because I used to be really love Netflix, and they’ve had their fair share of cult hits that we all binged, but weren’t quite on the same scale as a phenomenon like Game of Thrones. And I used to love that. It was a platform that had good content that the whole world could connect over.

But then just about every studio decided they wanted to go it alone and do their own service. I don’t think the issue was Netflix’s reliance on those companies, because their standouts were often originals. But I think it made them panic and go in the wrong direction of pursuing quantity over quality. Likely to make up for the amount of titles they’d lose, and the fact these services would spring up with vast back catalogs of content people already love.

I’ll also never forgive them for how they treated Designated Survivor. They saved the show from cancellation from the US network that owned it, only to ruin it to make a political statement (though granted they were well made episodes, just lost any real narrative) and then promptly cancelled it. It had such a promising premise.

I don’t disagree with that, but the oldest film on there is ET and the next oldest is the Matrix :laughing:

You still won’t, because the show is still going! There’s been a pretty dramatic shift in the structure of the show in the new season, which is at times quite refreshing, but at other times feels a bit less focused than it used to, but I still enjoy it a great deal. Lili Reinhart (Betty) has been particularly great this season in my opinion.

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See this has just really thrown me, and I’m really not enjoying the paradigm shift. We’ll probably never find out why no one besides Jughead turned up at the diner like they promised, and that soured my opinion of the tight knit friend group they built up over the years. I’m just not as invested anymore, and would have rather it ended instead doing a time jump.

Aarrrggghhh spoiler :see_no_evil:

From Netflix I’ve been watching the new/final season of Lucifer ( who doesn’t like a guy who deals with his issues) , America’s got talent ( just skip the rubbish acts) , I’ll probably watch the new season of money heist - didn’t really enjoy it but want to see how it continues, Narcos - surprisingly good.

Non Netflix is mainly just BBC Ambulance.

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Thought everyone would be up to that part by now! :laughing:

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If I could angry face a comment I would :sweat_smile:

I skipped past your post the second I saw you mention jughead, closed me eyes and swiped fast

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My apologies Dave! :laughing:

Thats a blunder on my part!

Out of interest, which episode are you all up to?

The episode I was referencing was one of the early ones this season that came out at the very start of the year! Didn’t for a second occur to me that folks wouldn’t be up to date with the show! My bad.

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I think to the end of the season where Archie’s dad dies

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Spoilers people!

(I’m probably not gonna watch this, but hey, I might!)

Seriously, though, do we need to agree some rules for spoilers etc in TV threads? :thinking:


Should definitely be common courtesy to use the spoiler tags when discussing recent* episodes of specific shows in a general thread like this, I think.

Where the thread is already specific (there’s a MCU one I generally avoid, I think) that’s a bit different, because you know from the off what you’re getting into if you open it.

*Days, yes; weeks, yes. Months? Years? Where’s the line?

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