Turn off country welcome for border dwellers

I have the fortune/ misfortune to live on the Northern Ireland Border and am becoming a bit fed up with being welcomed to Ireland very time I use my Monzo to pay for my cheaper in Diesel in Donegal and being welcomed home when I use my card in Sainsbury’s in Derry! This has happened on several occasions in one day !


If I have data roaming on and there’s a southerly wind blowing O2 thinks i cross the border several times a day :woman_facepalming:

Does it happen only when you cross or just when you’re close?

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I switched to 3 before the eu roaming charge ban came in because I was getting welcome to Ireland messages on O2 in the middle of the night when asleep ! On one occasion my missus and I were sitting in the same car in Derry and I was on Irish Vodafone and she on Uk Vodafone ; curiously I had a uk phone and she had an Irish phone! Go figure !


That’s the peace process in action :joy:


Only when it’s costing me ! :cold_sweat:

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