Roaming Charge Return EU

I mean who knew that would be the outcome :thinking: 🤦



The country voted for our sovereign mobile networks to make their own commercial decisions, unencumbered by apparatchiks in Brussels.

I’m sure some are pleased to see they are taking advantage of their newfound sovereignty.


Be same ones who go on holiday to Spain to sit in an English themed pub eating bacon and eggs :thinking: :sweat_smile:


Next you’ll be telling me the NHS isn’t getting an extra £350m a week!


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

But the bus said it’ll happen


Pretty inevitable however I would also be curious as to the actual costs relating to EU roaming for the networks.

Given many have either the same company or parent companies in the EU (aware they will trade as independent of each other but they must have some relationship).



Not that I take any pleasure from being right, as being able to say “I told you so” to people doesn’t change anything :cry:


The simple solution would just not to use EE if you travel alot. They are terrible for roaming, this is another extension of that really.

Three and Vodaphone are much better choices.

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Surely the headline should read ‘EE take back control of their European charges as voted for by “The British People™”’.


I would make a rough guess that it is and was around zero

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The networks argued against it saying they would be destroyed by it

They absolutely gouged us for all we were worth till the last second it was legal

They miraculously managed to spend five years seemingly working no better or worse than before - not sure I spotted any more investment before - and still seemed able to carve out a decent profit

They reintroduced it the first second it was legal again

What a bunch


The wholesale rates that EU operators charge each other are regulated. Now we’ve left the EU the restrictions on pricing is no longer applicable and therefore the EU networks are going to be charging UK operators more for using there networks and vice versa no doubt. The others will follow soon!

“We wish to be free of the stifling regulation of the evil EU!”

“Oh. OK then.”

“No, not like that!”


BT don’t own any other mobile networks in Europe bar EE.

It’s the only one that doesn’t but soon o2 will be the same now they are being bought by virgin media.

Oh I know not all, that’s why I said many do.

It’s still not clear what costs actually are though. Apparently it was costing them so much that they now are stopping it to focus on UK investment but I suspect it’s not really costing them that much.

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My 2p on this - I’m understanding of the O2 model. I can imagine their costs will go up, and having high data users pay for it isn’t unreasonable
EE’s model makes me very cross, and I’ll be leaving them when my contract runs out - probably to 3


As much as I think the whole thing is predictable BS, very glad to be on O2.

Gonna be very easy to stay under 25GB while roaming and still use my phone entirely as normal :blush:

Been with them since I got a phone and have always been happy with signal, customer service, price, and everything else. Gonna go get my free greggs bacon roll with priority now :yum:


I would think that, if they introduce the new charged for you mid contract, you’d be allowed to exit the contract early without penalty

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It’s new customers and anyone renewing a contract. So you’re good until the end of your contract.

So it’s not a new charge mid-contract. Not sure what happens once you go to rolling monthly though.

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