Trying to chargeback with PayPal - a nightmare

I selected paying for goods and services which I was able to evidence. In addition to showing I didn’t get what I paid for.

My understanding is there is something under consumer law which obliges the banks to act on your behalf. If I come across the act I’ll post it but I’m sure I followed information on the which website.

I think that only applies where you pay with their services directly so PayPal insulates you from that and therefore from the corresponding protections. That’s all hearsay on my part, though, so don’t take it as absolute truth.

I get that but when done via PayPal the card transaction element is between your bank and PayPal, whatever you paid via PayPal is nothing to do with the bank.

There is a whole piece on the which website about charge back and it specifically mentions in a section about PayPal and how it’s not covered.

Your bank were obviously doing it for good service or as a gesture of good will or as part of their antifraud measures but they’re not obligated to do so.


PayPal told me to ask my bank to chargeback when I contacted them

Just because PayPal have done that doesn’t automatically obligated the bank to pay up. It seems some will but it’s not covered by the charge back scheme as it’s not a direct transaction between the bank and the seller.

You are of course entirely within your rights to contact Monzo and see if they will refund you but they may not.

I’m sorry you’ve lost money, it’s not a pleasant experience to be on the end of a potential scam.


From the below. If you load your PayPal account up with money and buy something then you can’t do charge back. If you pay using your debit or credit card you can.

That’s on the citizens advice bureau. If you look at the statute itself it leaves room for interpretation which is perhaps why Monzo has one policy and Halifax has another based on the same piece of law.

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Looks like it Depends on how the transaction took place.

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I would imagine most people have it setup so that your card or bank is used to top up the balance when you spend. In that scenario you are not covered.

If you’ve paid directly with your card, where PayPal acts as the agent then possibly you would. However that only works when it pops up the window or screen saying paying by PayPal or by card. It’s a direct payment then.

Ultimately it’s really for the OP to decide to contact Monzo or not, it’s a worthy debate on the forum and I’m sorry it’s occurred but none of us on here can do anything.

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So you didn’t select pay a friend option like the OP did?

No. My response was to one of the other response.