Trustpilot Reviews


Hopefully if you’re asked to leave a review and you refuse, Monzo won’t ask you again.

If this is the case, choosing the “no I don’t want to leave a review” option would be your opt out.

(Stephen Brinda) #684

Can’t say I ever trust any online review! It’s like googling a health problem. Can’t imagine people going on and saying…“well done” “great bank” “it’s amazing”? Every company, everybank has pros and cons, good and bad…blah, blah…yawn!
Try it out…if it’s not for you, move on.
The internet is an amazing source of information, but…don’t take everything as gospel.


The good ones don’t ask. The ones that do more often than not end up replaced with better apps that don’t bug me to leave reviews.

This is probably a reasonable compromise, I like to leave reviews on my own accord without prompting, if it asks but then doesn’t ask ever again that seems reasonable.

(Richard Cook) #686

Nope, it’s after a chat. But that typically wouldn’t be one of the very first things you do.

Yep! The mechanism we build to do this was originally for those reviews, and can easily adapt to deliver one or the other.

Nope. But we could look into that if you’re really really against it.


I think the compromise in the above post might be worth thinking about, ask and have an option to say you’d rather not be asked again.

(Richard Cook) #688

Right now we’ll only show you the pop-up once (unless you log out and in, or switch device) :slightly_smiling_face: