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Monzo have finally got round to verified reviews so the blatant fake ones don’t really matter that much now IMO

Bad it still happens but they get pushed down quite quickly compared to before.

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I know you get the option to do a verified trustpilot review following a chat with support (well, 50-50 chance of getting the option), but is there a way to initiate this in the app?

I looked in the help section and I think there should be a way of clicking a link in there to take you to trustpilot, allowing for a verified review to be left, based on it coming from your account. Or something. @cookywook can this be done?

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We’ve actually changed it to 100% now :slight_smile:

Good idea! Not sure we need it right now and getting anything in the app means justifying why it needs to be there. But worth thinking about.

Right now I’m thinking about how we do this once we’ve hit 5* (and then becoming the #1 bank on Trustpilot, obviously). Maybe there’s a smarter way to ask for your invites. Like as part of a series of emails introducing to Monzo during your first few days. Asking you to leave a review after your first week or so could be worth testing.

Any guesses on when we’ll hit five stars? :star::star::star::star::star:

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TBH I was thinking more about if you were to create a help item for “leave a review”, so a search for “review” in help would return that article. Rather than the button on that article going somewhere within the app when clicked, it would instead initiate a browser call to trustpilot with the right “verified customer” link. IYSWIM.

This wouldn’t interfere directly with the app or with any other plans you may have.


I think the option to submit a Trustpilot review would go nicely next to the “Rate us on the App Store” button in Account Tab ==> Profile ==> Settings ==> RATING

I think one week is too soon. After one month would be better.

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Genius! :brain:

I can probably make that happen.

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To get 5 stars stop allowing verified reviews from people that have had accounts frozen.

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Can you not force ‘verified orders’ only?

This recent unverified one made me laugh…


This does make me wonder. How do you post a verified review of Monzo when you did have an account with them but now don’t, either because you closed the account or Monzo froze your froze your account.

I don’t think you can?

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I have no words for that post :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


That was also posted in the forum but was hidden by admins as apparently contained account number, user error at end of day, the same thing seems to happen regularly with Santander, I know of 2 customers scammed whilst watching this morning :joy:

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Not only that but they elude to being an international student (so not a UK resident) who knows that accounts are sold on the black market whereby people can bypass the restriction :thinking:

I always double and triple check bank transfers and avoid them where possible too. Sort codes are 6 digits and Monzos is a nice easy pattern, so I can’t see how you wouldn’t notice it was wrong on all the confirmation screens.

Perhaps Monzo could have done something more, especially since it was to another Monzo account but ultimately, it is their own fault :man_shrugging:

My guess is that Monzo want nothing to do with it because it all seems a little dodgy?


Minor point: international students learning, and therefore living, in the UK are UK residents while completing their education in the UK.

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Could be the other way round too.

Either way, it all seems a bit shady.

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imagine my little girl starving because of we are trapped in monzo, save someone’s’s life today by telling them NOT TO BANK WITH MONZO


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Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives :man_technologist:
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When I read that I read it in this person’s voice


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Monzo has just hit 8.8/10 on Trust Pilot. 0.2 away from 9/10 which equals a full 5 star Trust Pilot rating. :tada::tada:

Looks like they may just sneak past Starling, too.


Well, don’t forget to post an honest review of Monzo here if you haven’t.

Monzo does have a lot less reviews than starling, monese and Atom, but the most customers, so it would be great to get more reviews

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:raised_hands: Counting the days! (shouldn’t be more than week or two…)

Thank you!