Trustpilot review weirdness

…was just looking at trustpilot reviews of some other financial products and this one stood out. It’s n26 “review”. Is that a common thing when “someone” transfers money out of your account? I mean not the actual thing, but the cases where people claim that this is happening and how serious are banks about this. Can this be taken seriously tho…dunno :neutral_face:


A common pattern appears with almost all people who complain about being “scammed” by their bank on TrustPilot.

  • RaNdom use of capS.
  • They put the currency symbol after the amount (200£)
  • They can’t spell
  • They don’t use punctuation
  • Excessive use of !!!
  • They claim to suffer extreme repercussions such as their family is now living on the streets

Seeing someone complain about a different bank is a first for me :smiley: I’m sure it will be flagged by Monzo and removed by TrustPilot :slight_smile:


I mean there are reviews where there are a few miss-spelt words, or the grammar here and there is a bit awry.

But I genuinely believe you have found the most poorly worded review I have ever read…


The list goes on :sob:


The lack of punctuation burns my eyes

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Generally its the first port of call for people who have triggered Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering checks.

But this is about the customers money being stolen not the customer being fraudulent and had their account frozen…

I did say generally.

As in a large number of reviews on Trustpilot. Just because this one of different, it doesn’t mean that my point wasn’t relevant as we were talking about how serious you can take Trustpilot reviews.

It’s impossible to take these reviews seresly:joy:


I really don’t understand why people care about Trustpilot reviews. It’s never influenced my decision on anything.

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Don’t forget the bank is almost always a SCAM!!!

These reviews are always very weird, and while not necessarily ‘fake’, they always seem to look highly suspicious and almost always look like foul play from the person complaining.

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If anything you would have thought these new banks would take the opportunity do promote a different site for more reliable reviews.

Recent Monzo adverts are relying on Which? - the best approach in my view.

No review site guided by the general public will ever be accurate as people with average experiences are less inclined to leave a review. It’s usually the best and the worst that show up

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I am the embodiment of this :rofl: I’ve only ever left reviews when my experience has been really poor!

If you search the forum, you’ll find plenty of examples of people caring. There’s been more than one thread started by someone saying “I heard about your bank and didn’t know anything about it, but I found the reviews on Trustpilot and I’m concerned my money won’t be safe with you.”

I don’t generally go straight to Trustpilot myself, but if I’m ordering from a new place on the internet I’ll Google them to check they’re not a scam site, and Trustpilot reviews will turn up in those results a lot.

Again, on one of the previous Trustpilot threads, ISTR someone saying something along the lines of “I had a terrible experience ordering from a website and I wish I’d seen their Trustpilot views beforehand as they would’ve saved me.”