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That’s right, we’re testing a pop-up to see if simply inviting people to leave a review will improve the overall score. (I think it will).

And we’re working with Trustpilot so that you’ll be able to leave a review without having to log in or create an account with them.

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How come it’s not appearing on my Monzo app. Would like to leave a good review


You can do this anyway :slight_smile:

The little pop up is more a prompt for those who may not considering leaving a good review (lets be fair, people seem much more likely to leave a bad review for a service, rather than a good one when things just work as they should).


There is both the .UK and .com verison, so maybe leave a review on both

Is it possible for Monzo to combine these pages into one as this might give a clearer messages for customers and not split reviews. Or any ideas why there are two trustpilot entries for one business (lots of other business’ have a and a .com but just one trust pilot rating)?

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Prompting for a review… that’s a nudge for a bad review :wink:

Edit: to be honest… who really pays attention to Trustpilot?


Fraudsters looking for which bank won’t catch them… :joy:


I have had at least 3 friends (when I told them about Monzo) go and google it and say Monzo has bad reviews on trust pilot. I am sure I am not alone so I think it does matter

A lot of companies use it heavily in their advertising as well

Article for you to have a read as well

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I understand the problem you’re trying to address, but I got one of these pop-ups and found it annoying. I go into the Monzo app when I need to do something, and I do not then want to interrupt what I’m doing to leave a review. I think a button on the account page, or something like that, would be much better. A little reminder, but not one that blocks me from using the app.

If you do this, make sure to say that a login isn’t required in the in-app prompt. Even if the prompt I’d had was a button on the account screen as I suggest above, I would have been unlikely to follow it because of the hassle of creating an account, etc. But if there was a button on the account screen that would take me somewhere that I could leave a quick review without creating an account with Trustpilot, I would probably do it.


Done mine. Opened an account for the purpose :joy:. Pretty sure my header was stolen from a quote I saw in here somewhere, so credit where it’s due.

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It’s going out at random to a very small number of people at the moment. You can still leave us a normal review on the site :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah this seems confusing. I’m asking TP to merge these if we can.

Quite a few people. It’s one of the top results for “monzo review” and gets a high click through rate.

Great idea!

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I’ve just removed a few off-topic posts. Let’s keep it friendly, y’all.


Slightly off topic perhaps but do people also use ?

Are they more trustworthy?

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That would carry as much weight since there are only 2 ratings.


Yes not many reviews as of yet, but i wonder of the quality of the site in general considering that trustpilot is notorious for fake/bad/paid reviews.


Interesting to see that the reviews on Smart Money People are much better, 4.85/5, based on 870 reviews. I only thought to check that site today as my current employer also use them as a benchmark, (thankfully we’re also scoring high at 4.91/5, based on 264 reviews).

At a previous employer, we used Feefo as a way of obtaining reliable and impartial reviews from genuine, verified customers.

As @Eden mentioned, is another fairly common source, although odd that Monzo only has 2 reviews there.

As the customer base grows, this ‘outward image’ of Monzo to those that haven’t already been reached by us advocates will become more and more important. Being aware of, and engaging with as many of these sites as possible will help to protect that glowing reputation.

Historically, I haven’t really taken the time to leave reviews, but as I’ve started working my way through my back-catalogue of Amazon purchases, now seems an appropriate time to do Monzo too (alongside my other financial services providers).


I think a dismissable feed item inviting people to leave a review would be much better than a pop up.

When I go on my Monzo app, I want to do something. If a pop-up appears while I’m trying to do what I’m trying to do, I would almost always dismiss it either because what I’m trying to do is time sensitive (eg: moving money from a pot to pay for something) or because I don’t want to forget what I opened the app to do while writing a review.

A feed item allows people to write the review in their own time(if they want to) and is waaaaaaaaaaay less annoying than a pop-up.

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This person sure has had a lot of money has ‘stolen’ from banks :joy_cat:


That’s a very nice reply from Monzo on that review though. I’d challenge anyone to get the wrong end of the stick after reading that.


It’s definitely a much better response from Monzo.

Here’s what Monzo said for those who don’t want to click the link:

Hi Mark, we’re afraid that we can’t give any more information about why we closed your account here on Trustpilot. We’re a regulated bank, which means we have to follow rules from the FCA around what we can say. But we don’t close accounts without a good reason, and we do everything we can to make sure that people aren’t left in a bad situation.