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That’s what I think, too. But, obviously, those leaving reviews are claiming to be (or are appearing to be) normal users.

I’d think twice about opening a Monzo account if I went to Trustpilot first.

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Yes but some of those reviews appear to be first and last names so all Monzo would have to do is search and if no account call them out and then report to Trustpilot as fake but instead it’s the same copy pasta response that then kinda validates said review.

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Monzo legally cannot respond specifically, and the standard responses are better than no response at all.

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No but they could say to this 1 review guy Avneet Uppal that they have searched the all accounts and it would appear there is nothing under this name and to contact them at

If there happens to be a real account then use the standard copy pasta

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Ah, I see. I think there may be crossed wires from the mention of ‘not a normal user’ where I read it as meaning ‘user who has committed fraud’ and it sounds like you’re reading it as ‘fake review from someone who isn’t actually a user’?

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Yeah, I reckon 90% of the reviews are fake.

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just put my review of the current account on, so hoping that the 10% :slight_smile: creeps up a bit to give a better reflection of how the account normally operates for the majority of users.

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Thank you :pray:

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Put my review up last night. Hope it helps :crossed_fingers:

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I got a reply from Brittany -

I think you publish a lot of un…

I think you publish a lot of un verified reviews that perhaps unjustly criticise banking firms with no recourse for the firm because they have to abide by UK law and cannot reply with the true reasons for closing / freezing bank accounts. You as a company should know as well as I do the rules for Anti Money Laundering and Proceeds Of Crime Act regarding communication with people suspected of money laundering and the ramifications for the bank if they do communicate further with the suspected money launderer after suspicious activity has been noted on their bank account, yet you allow the reviewers to print whatever they wish sometimes blatantly libellous and you facilitate it.

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Reply from Trustpilot

16 minutes ago

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the feedback, but all reviews have to follow our guidelines. If you’d like to discuss further, give us a shout at

Kind Regards,

  • apparently the guidelines for being able to post on trust pilot are rigorously enforced

from their guidelines -
1.3 You may not write a review about a Company you have previously owned, currently own, or which an immediate family member currently owns, or if you are an executive or employee of that Company, or work for the Company. Similarly, you may not write a review about a direct competitor to the Company you own, are employed by or work for.

which really does make a joke out of their "all reviews have to follow our guidelines " statement

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They do not know you are related though?

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Is that classed as immediate family though?

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Are you related if they won’t take your calls? :thinking:

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As I have said before, Trustpilot is a scam and they prey on a businesses attempts to keep a clean reputation.

The fact they allow false and libellous reviews coupled with the alleged hoops Monzo have had to go through to get this resolved shows this.

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On the other hand, if I went to Which first…


Very few people actually pay attention to reviews, its why tripadvisor and the like mean very little. Word of mouth is far far stronger in terms of a companies success.

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I haven’t had it but these rate me pop ups annoy the heck out of me when I open an app


Deleted my post by accident. It’s good to see Monzo taking action over the trustpilot reviews. I just hope people go on and give a true account of all the positive experiences they’ve had at Monzo and all the impact using Monzo has had on their financial lives :slight_smile:.


Think Monzo are trying to address the issue, got a pop in app this morning asking to rate them on Trustpilot.

I personally didn’t think the pop up was annoying or too in my face. Haven’t received it again since, even though I’ve opened the app around 5 times since then.

Didn’t write a review as I was about to jump in the shower but I’m glad they are addressing the issue