Trustpilot Reviews


Who on earth is funding these!

(Dan) #579

Trust pilot reminds me of mafia style protection racketeering.

They don’t have any protections in place by default. People can signup multiple times and flood a company with negative reviews.

But, if you pay a few £100 or £1000 per month, we’ll give you tools to help mitigate these potential problems (that our terrible platform has created).

Garbage company & platform.


This one is just as bad

(Andre Borie) #581

Yelp is the same.

(Rob Crawford) #582

This crossed my mind too. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some of the negative reviews are deployed by the review sites themselves. That way more businesses feel the pressure to sign up and start paying for extra features to protect their reputation.

(Jonathon) #583

Meh. Are people really using that as a basis for their banking choice?

I note that a lot of the negative reviews are the same “They froze my many thousands that I had only put in innocently when a random guy… sorry friend… bought my pet llama and now I’m in Pyongyang airport totally stuck because I closed all my other bank accounts down and Monzo won’t help”.

Oh and terrible spelling. Always pretty bad spelling. Why is that?

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #584

Don’t forget they can’t eat and their children are cold coz they have no heat at home

(Ben ) #585

I is homeless cos of Monzo :rage::rage::rage:

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #586

tado° handle trustpilot really well, I know Monzo can’t talk about much but they could add a bit more substance to their responses.

(Splodf) #587

Check out one of the recent reviews by Corr Blimey. It’s hilarious.

Dude is complaining about not getting a pin with his card so he couldn’t use it.

Let that sink in.

(Rob Crawford) #588

Are there any updates about how Monzo might invite people to leave reviews? I think it will be hard to achieve the reach required to have a noticeable impact on the Trustpilot score, without people also complaining about spam (based on the £10 referral thread).

I also think that the results of the referral campaign might be skewed by the negative Trustpilot score, if people are hearing about Monzo for the first time and want to research it for themselves before signing up. For some people it would definitely be a red flag that would make them stop and think twice.

(Splodf) #589

It would have put me off for sure.

I guess Monzos best option is that it’s almost a try before you buy. In that you can open your account try it and if you don’t like it sail away. That’s the reason why the offer is only a tenner.

Eventually I see this offer becoming a £10 when you join (try it on us almost kind of offer) with a further £90 when you full CASS to us. Obviously that’s in the distance though.

(Charlie) #590

When is someone from Monzo going to go through these reviews and inform Trust Pilot of the reasons? I know they have to be vague with the FCA reasons but surely they could just say “this persons account was frozen for breach of terms and conditions”???

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #591

I may be being naive here but why are people seemingly getting frustrated that Monzo are not removing/responding to bad reviews?

We all use Monzo and know they’re largely untrue. It has zero impact on us and Monzos growth is unaffected too.

If it isn’t a quick fix Monzo should continue to ignore them and focus on more important issues as they have been doing so far. It’s a few people on one website - not a big deal in my opinion.

(Rob Crawford) #592

I agree. I’m only concerned if it affects the opinion of potential customers, not current ones.

I don’t know if there’s a definitive way of measuring this. The number of signups are determined by a lot of different factors, and it’s fair to say that some potential customers may be put off by the low score on Trustpilot.

I’m more curious to see what options Monzo are looking at to encourage existing customers to leave (presumably positive) reviews, as they mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I’m not suggesting that they should waste resources trying to dispute the negative ones.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #593

There may be some but I think it will be so small that is isn’t worth worrying about.

I can’t see people basing their decision on opening an account on one factor alone. The internet is very resourceful and people know this, so it will be rare that people will only look at Trustpilot and base their decision on this. Especially when the status of the page isn’t ‘collecting’.

(Richard Cook) #594

Not that simple, I’m afraid. Been on lengthy email chains with their compliance people. They want quite a lot of ‘proof’ to remove posts or it’s just our word against theirs. And their guidelines for flagging posts aren’t really equipped for the situations we have.

(Andre Borie) #595

They want quite a lot of ‘proof’ to remove posts or it’s just our word against theirs

What kind of proof? Is it something you can release or are you required to keep it confidential by law (regarding account closures due to suspected fraud for example)?

I’m usually all for confidentiality but I think it’s fair to show off their dirty laundry if someone is being abusive on TrustPilot, so if the law allows it, why not just tell the real story?

(Jordan) #596

To be honest, I can completely see why Monzo have to tread lightly around complaints, alongside the FCA and FOS likely being engaged (taking the “reviews” at face value) these will likely need to be concluded, and overall probably have some form of GDPR/ Confidentiality attached to it.

But in general, I look at reviews yes but understand that people are waaaaay more likely to post a bad review from a bad experience they had than a good one - this is just the nature of the beast.

But what we need to remember is that those sites are just a forum for people to vent (I’ve done it recently for a product that arrived very very late and had poor customer service). But for Monzo they just toppled first direct for customer satisfaction so an “average” trust pilot score probably isn’t the be all and end all - as long as no adverse decisions/ findings are made for me they’re doing what they need to!

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #597

Someone on there mentioned Facebook reviews so I just took a look, it’s clear trolling I mean just look at some of the names there.

Facebook could easily be combated as you can reply more than once.