Trustpilot Reviews


Agree, it would help if we all take a few minutes to leave a honest (and hopefully positive) trust pilot or App Store review.

With 36k investors and 30k+ community members - it should be an easy task.


It will be a mix of people having their accounts locked out for using them for illegal activities, and spammers paid to make negative reviews.

You can tell by the weird phrasings used, the common one calling a bank a scam or fraudsters. Almost like they don’t know how strict banking can be.

The legitimate ones seem to be the customer service bad reviews, which are well deserved at the moment.


I agree but if you were just having a quick look you might decide not to bank with monzo if you were thinking of joining up.

Who would be your guess as to who is paying for them

I agree with this - will post a honest review now


I wonder if it would help if Monzo did some sort of blog post that could be generically linked to as a response.

It could include:

  • number of accounts frozen
    -number of frozen accounts as a %age of total accounts
  • how to avoid getting your account frozen (eg prewarning and evidence of large transactions)
  • what some of the pitfalls of trading cryptocurrency are (Inc that an an individual is unlikely to be able to perform robust enough KNC checks)
  • how to go through complaints process at Monzo
  • that if fraud is suspected they can’t talk about it.

Surely if this was a generic thing it wouldn’t be tipping off individuals, and none of these things are secret?


Having another look, assuming the reviews aren’t fake, it could be that people moving here are using monzo believing they can use it to siphon money in, getting money from “family” members which may not be coming from legitimate sources (whether the believe them to be legitimate or not). That would account for the horrible English and odd but consistent use of words like scamming and fraudsters.

(Ben Sheppard) #563

Going from the top comment of “Is trustpilot worthwile” I work with a lot of companies that use trustpilot and it can be a very good selling point having a good trustpilot score.

If you’re enjoying monzo I would suggest you write a little review, same for the app store. Most people only take the time to review something when it’s bad

(Ed) #564

That is the inherent issue with online reviews. While I always talk about Monzo to friends, family, and till staff (especially if they point out the bright card) - I wouldn’t even have thought to leave a review on TrustPilot if not for this thread!


Couldn’t agree more make sure to post a review if people get the chance

(den50) #566

To be honest, most people that do get their accounts frozen are the people that make an account, deposit/receive an huge amount and obviously Monzo likely asked them for invoices/etc but they didn’t provide.

(Rob Crawford) #567

Just added my own review to help against the swathe of 1 stars. I personally tend to ignore inflammatory reviews (of any company or product) if they are vague or poorly written, but they’re definitely hard to overlook when they’re being left in such large numbers.

I would also add that when I see a billboard or advertisement relying heavily on a Trustpilot rating (or similar) in order to sell something, I’m immediately sceptical about it’s authenticity. Word of mouth goes a lot further in my opinion, and Monzo has that part covered. :smile:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #568

This guy is a proper crank, nothing better to do then leave negative reviews, 6 so far.

(Is Santa here yet?) #569

Good reply from Monzo there as well. Clearly it takes time to deal with frozen funds after account closure so he’ll keep leaving reviews

(Marcel Ruhf) #570

Regardless of what we think about some of the reviews - how can TrustPilot allow users to post reviews about a company repeatedly within just a few days of each other? It just doesn’t make sense, there should be at least be a mandated gap of a few weeks (or any new reviews from the same user on the same company override all previous ones).

(Nick) #571

He may never get his money back. He says frozen, Monzo says closed. The goverment could be saying “Proceeds of crime, we’ll have that thank you very much.”

Posting multiple reviews like that does make him look a bit unhinged, and should discredit him in the eyes of some readers, I would hope.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #572

And therein lies the problem

(Rob Crawford) #573

Agreed. Does anyone know for certain whether multiple reviews from the same customer actually impact the overall rating of the business? If so, I don’t think any of us have time to compete with that… :sweat:


Only the most recent review applies

(Rob Crawford) #575

Good spot! That’s somewhat reassuring news.


I’ve said it before. but the wording most of these negative review use is just super weird. Who calls a bank scammers, its just so odd, and always the same.

(Rob Crawford) #577

Probably a case of “the pot calling the kettle black”…

Edit: perhaps not the best analogy as it would imply Monzo really are scamming people :joy: