Trustpilot Reviews

(Jack) #538

If this were to ever happen I’d inform my bank that I was expecting such transfer. Same goes when I’m making a big purchase on my card such as a deposit for a new car. In the past Halifax has blocked me doing this and I’ve had to phone up to approve it.
I’d also make sure I had any documents showing I was entitled to the funds which I could pass straight to my bank.

(EJ) #539

Yes, but the issue with monzo is how long it takes to get someone on the phone or a reply from customer operations on the app. If we are talking about 1-2 days delay for example on a deposit purchase, this would really be a problem for me. Also, sometimes the algorithm flags up names of people who have inadvertently been victims of ID fraud (this has happened to me) and then, once something has been flagged up, any transaction over an amount can generate problems. The same kinds of practices are not used by all banks across the board, even though all are subject to the same AML regulations. This seems puzzling and very opaque to me, as I am not sure how these algorithms work or how they are employed to make decisions about people. I would have appreciated more information coming Monzo.

(Jack) #540

Not disregarding your situation but IMO most people would know more than 1 or 2 days in advance if they were expecting a large transfer or were going to make a large deposit.

Unfortunately it’s just one of those topics bank’s can’t talk about. If they did everyone would know how to beat the fraud checks.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #541

I always know at least a month in advance when I am gonna any large deposits coz I get E-Mails telling me so.

I mean look 10.3 Million dollars is coming my way so obviously I will let Monzo know in advance coz I don’t wanna lose that all that sweet sweet monies.

(Gareth) #542

I get these exact emails :joy:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #543

Oh. I don’t have a fax number. I must be ineligible.


Have the chadbots spread to this community now? :fearful:

There seems to have been a spike of new people signing up around 1-3am (when hardly anyone is ever online) to start a topic to ambiguously complain about something.

With the Trustpilot ones there was a real lack of detail in the complaint accompanied by the same format of user name, and of course they were all new users.

Is this just me being crazy at 5am? :sleeping:


I don’t want to give them tips, but there is something very similar about all their fake accounts that gives it away.


Is there any way for Monzo to take action against some of the negative reviews on trustpilot?

A lot of them are insinuating that Monzo are ‘thieves’ and Scam’ . No regulated bank would ever just lock somebody out of their account, for no reason and leave them without access to their money and put them in a vulnerable situation. That would be theft, criminal charges would be brought and they would be shut down straight away. Therefore, it’s extremely frustrating seeing stuff like this out there, and I’m sure it could be libellous as well?

I know it’s extremely difficult for Monzo, as due to FCA regulations, they are very limited in what they can and can’t say.

It’s just seeing stuff like this gives an awful first impression to potential new customers.

(Ben ) #547

Not that it helps, but I’ve just left a review that dispels all of those rumours. It’s not likely to help, but, hey, at least it’s there. Maybe if we all love Monzo’s services we should leave a good review…? Doesn’t take long :man_shrugging:

(Kyle Risi) #548

I don’t think these trustpilot reviews are anything worth worrying about. Monzo growth has for a long time been mostly down to word of mouth with Monzos existing customers doing more for the companies growth than these review sites which contain reviews from people who we don’t even know personally.

For me personally I am more impacted by a recommendation from friends through my social media feeds or directly from friends and family.

(Richard Cook) #549

Another update! (See my last here.)

We’re now chatting with Trustpilot about working with them to send invitations to users to leave a review. Removing 1-star misleading reviews is extremely difficult due to how their compliance process work but hopefully we can get lots of higher star ratings that are more accurate of the typical Monzo experience.

Stay tuned.

(Sam H) #550

I wonder whether it may be worth waiting on the Chat situation being resolved before sending requests to users to review Monzo. I can imagine it being a bit frustrating if you’re waiting a few days for a chat response and you get asked to do a review.


Maybe I am biased but I have never had a problem with Monzo and most of my friends also have an account and have not heard anything bad from them.

So I was very surprised when I had a look at Monzo on trust pilot to see nearly a third of reviews to be 1 star out of 5.

I wondered what people thought about this?

(Steve Daniels) #552

Trustpilot is going wild.

A lot of those reviews seem to have the same problem though and fairly generic sounding names. Call me a cynic but…


Trustpilot isn’t very trustworthy. I’ve seen lots of paid surveys that will pay you if you write a fake review on it.

Also done on other review sites.

(Matt Hill) #554

It’s easier to leave a negative review rather than a positive review. People will go out their way to slander you on any site possible if their unhappy with something.

If people are happy their generally a lot less likely to make the effort to signup to review sites and state that. However happy people will recommend you via word of mouth, which is a more powerful recommendation than a random reviewer online. Monzo is certainly growing massively via word of mouth recommendations only.

Trust Pilot is also not cheap to partner with to collect reviews, depending on the volume of reviews you can be paying multiple £1000’s a month, which Monzo probably feel is better spent elsewhere given the growth via word of month.

However everyone on the Monzo community forum could just take a bit of time out and go leave a honest review of their experience with Monzo :slight_smile: so the view point of passionate users is also fairly represented.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #555

hi Don,

there is already a thread on trust pilot reviews on the forum if you want to add to the discussion , its probably going to be a better conclusion for everybody to try and keep the topics together , rather than have multiple threads all discussing the same topic ?

I found it by typing trustpilot in the search at the top right of the page - you can then find out if there is already a relevant thread to add to :slight_smile:


Hey @don_quixote! :wave:

I’ve moved your thread over here to keep all the Trustpilot chat together. Hope that’s okay!


The replies to the 1* reviews recently are much better than they used to be, in my humble opinion.