Trustpilot Reviews

(Brandon Billingham) #424

I wouldn’t say I trust them but when it’s a company I’ve never heard of I do go there to get a baseline

(Karlis Zarins) #425

Hey guys!

Just got my Monzo card. Yey. I guess…

Wanted to check what’s new on Trustpilot and got a bit worried.
Monzo seems to respond to every complaint with a generic reply. Some complaints seem crazy…

So, I just wanted to know if it’s safe. I have couple bank accounts in other countries as I am not UK “native”. Will transfers from another country fall into a risk category? And is there such a thing anyways as “risk category”?

(Is Santa here yet?) #426

Risk categories aren’t made public, for obvious reasons. Monzo has to follow the same legislation as all other banks so if one flags it then it’s likey they all will.
As long as you have proper documentation to back up the source of funds if it is blocked then there won’t be a problem


I understand your concern. Whichever way you swing it, Monzo has a disproportionate number of reviews/comments all over the internet about account freezing. (Not just Trustpilot, but Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and probably a few others as well.)

Why this is - who knows? It certainly gives the impression Monzo close and freeze more accounts than normal though. Personally, I think that it’s an issue that can’t be ignored. It’s looks awful and has potential to cause real reputational damage. Other banks, whilst still having similar complaints, don’t have nearly as many.

All I know is that there are a lot of users on this forum, and no one has had their account frozen yet. Well, except those who join after having their accounts frozen.

Edited to make some sense

(Karlis Zarins) #428

Starling Bank is having less of these. Noticed that Starling Bank’s ios app is uk only. Monzo is not. Maybe that is why Monzo is more prone to getting “bad users”. Someone tries to shuffle some “bad” money around and gets flagged…

(Is Santa here yet?) #429

Monzo has 4 times more users and appeals to younger people. Things like being recruited as a money mule is far more common in younger age groups and they’re far more likely to scream on the internet about it.


That may well be it. I understand the rules around tipping off etc, but there has to be something Monzo can do to alter what is an incredibly negative impression given out by potential new customers searching the web

(Karlis Zarins) #431

Yeh. I agree. Reading Trustpilot reviews got me worried and I already have Monzo account. I would guess that anyone just considering opening account would be more discouraged by this than me…

They should lock app to UK app store only…that would keep out some of the bad apples.

(Tony Hoyle) #432

Nice idea on the surface but if you lose your phone on holiday being unable to download the app to a new phone is going to be a bit stressful.

Plus, criminals will just grab an apk from one of the dodgy download sites anyway.


Didn’t matter where you are, you always use the UK app store if that’s where your account is registered (on iOS at least)

(Sam H) #435

This is the same on Android.

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(Karlis Zarins) #441

Yeh, that occurred to me too. :sweat_smile:
Maybe Monzo could limit cards per address. No idea on how it works now, but that should put a limit on the “exploits”…or something to do with surname related stuff or/and address limit. So that one family could order more cards than usually allowed per address. There are lot’s of ideas to try out…


CreditLadder managed to collect loads of 5* reviews in the past couple of days with the power of bribe :slight_smile:

They sent the following email yesterday and since then there’s been a flurry of positive reviews. Maybe Monzo could offer something like to improve Trustpilot rating :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #443

The Starling reviews leave me all warm and fuzzy, I’d defo use them more now :heart:

What about latest reviews ?
More and more people are complaining about blocking their accounts with no reason ?

(Marcel Ruhf) #445

No reason usually means AML/KYC/fraud-related checks, which banks can’t disclose due to legislation around “tipping off” potential suspects.

(P1) #446

hmm the monzo reviews on trust pilot are making me think am i really safe with monzo😔i’ve never had a problem with them tho? i’m confused

(Ryan Kirk) #447

Customers are more likely to leave a negative review about a company than a positive one. Always remember that!