Trustpilot Reviews


I say again, whilst they very likely perfectly justified account closures/blockings, the disproportionate amount Monzo receive is amazing.

(Jack) #449

I never trust a site such as trust pilot it’s biased. People generally only leave feedback when they’ve had a poor experience whether that’s because their up to no good or what who knows :man_shrugging:t3:

(P1) #451

that’s true. but it’s a bit too much don’t u think lol. how long you had your monzo account ?

(P1) #452

that’s true it was just a thought anyways :thinking:

(Jack) #453

Well over a year and I’ve been using it as my main account for the past few months no issues ever :clap:t3:

(P1) #454

same mad it my main account too and it’s been great


Of course it is. People only ever leave negative reviews. It’s the high amount that Monzo get compared to others that raises concerns.

(Jack) #456

Your experience speaks for its self :blush: check out some other big banks trust pilot reviews they are also poor!

(Jack) #457

I imagine because they are new they are a bigger target for bad behaviour


Possibly. Or that Monzo do take on people with CIFAS markers is another thought that occured to me. I’d love to know the answer though.

(P1) #459

yeah that is very true. I think i’m just worrying a bit too much LOL


So 1 of 5 people on trust pilot complaining about blocking account is …?
I think the main issue is that Monzo opens accounts for everyone.
They have to perform more checks before account opening

(Ryan Kirk) #462

You absolutely are :slight_smile:
If I trusted every review I’ve read, I wouldn’t be a customer with any company at all :sweat_smile::speak_no_evil:

(P1) #464

:joy::joy::joy::joy:yhh thats true


TrustPilot rating is useless but you have to read reviews… and almost all 1* reviews are about account blocking…
If someone rated company 1* for late delivery or for not calling back I just ignore that reviews

(Jack) #466

It’s important to take a balance. The reviews that are in the mid range often provide the clearest picture.
If every single one was rated 5* I’d think there was something odd up.

( #467

The reality is, this is happening because the company seems to be putting its head in the sand, which is very poor and foolish. It needs to deal with it somehow, either by finding a way to respond or getting the reviews removed, or this is clearly going to end with them getting a bad reputation. I cant for the life of me understand why they’re not nipping it in the bud if these reviews are without merit, it’s clearly damaging the brand already as people are reading them and coming on here worried, and the more reviews there are the more likely the mud will stick. Very odd indeed.


You see, I wouldn’t. I want my deliveries on time and want calling back if I need calling back. And if those reports were almost every time and much more frequent than similar companies it would definitely make me think.

( #470

This is actually a very interesting point. Statistically they may not have a higher percent than any bank, but logically, if you’re coming into Monzo as a potential customer, being told “Oh, no, they don’t close accounts of legit customers, only dodgy ones” is not overly reassuring either as you’re going to think “Why are they allowing all these dodgy people to have account to start with? What sort of a business is this?” I hadn’t even really thought of it like that, but you make a very good point. The stock line people on here use to reassure people that their money is safe in fact could infact open a whole other can of worms. I guess its just evidence of what a difficult issue this is.

(Nick) #471

Younger people are more likely to be used as “money mules”.

Younger people are more likely to sign up for a modern app-based bank.

I had a look at some reviews earlier and a couple of them practically screamed out “I’ve been used as a money mule and didn’t expect to get caught”

There’s nothing inherently bad about Monzo, and they’re not doing anything wrong. There’s no reason why Starling couldn’t be being used instead. Indeed, maybe it is - Starling either pay for reviews or encourage their customers to submit reviews, which may be drowning out the bad ones to some extent.

So far Monzo have said they don’t want to beg their customers for legit reviews, but. It might be a stance that bears rethinking if the trend continues.