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(Tony) #404

I’ve just deleted a huge reply, because I’ve realised that if Monzo don’t care about negative reviews being left, why should I?


Starling sent out an email recently asking people to leave reviews of their experiences… In lieu of a forum maybe… :confused:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #406

I’ve not had one asking to leave a review


Hey @cookywook, thanks for coming back on this.

For me, I think it’s about the content of the replies which is what led me to say that no reply would have been better. That might have been a bit harsh, but I think if you are going to engage, then responding a bit more directly to the issue would be better.

For example, the one that stands out for me was someone who was aggrieved that their account had been closed. The account was already shut and there was nothing more to be done, so a reply saying “we’re looking into it” felt (to me at least) more dismissive than not replying - because it seemed to miss the point.

Now, I understand that you can’t go into any detail on TP, but something a little less generic like “we never close accounts lightly and we’re really sorry if our communications around the closure weren’t clear” would have read better to me, I think.


I can’t find it now. I swear I got something saying if I liked it to leave a trust pilot review…I’m sure it was email …I’m doubting myself now…I’ll have a look!

(John Biondini) #409

I don’t really get why all the 1-star reviews say the same thing. Is this because they moved money not “identified” and Monzo have to block the account to run some checks?

(Brandon Billingham) #410

Do you ever ask Trustpilot to verify the reviews?

I left a bad review of EverSmart energy and they challenged it on the grounds I was never a customer. Trustpilot removed the review from public view, I proved I was a customer and now the review is in place with a verified purchase sticker next to it.

(Richard Cook) #411

That’s a good point. We should take care to match the response to the actual issue (in the cases where actually can say anything else.

I’ve had a lot of back-and-forth with TP about ways to address this issue. Nothing much has been helpful. Mostly the negative reviews are from people who have genuinely used Monzo, we just disagree with their version of the events they’re reporting. We don’t close accounts for “no reason” but we’re little bound with what we can say sometimes.

(Brandon Billingham) #412

Fair enough. If the bad reviews are from genuine account holders nothing you can really do. At least for those that aren’t it protects businesses from false claims.

(Nick) #413

There’s genuine and ‘genuine’. The former may have held a Monzo account and made an innocent mistake/got caught up in something and perhaps overreacted. The latter may have held a Monzo account but always and intentionally used it for fradulent purposes.

It’s a shame that the reviews of the latter can’t be silently chalked off, as that would seem to be the only way around AML rules. But of course, because of said rules, Monzo wouldn’t be able to tell TP why they should be chalked off.

(Richard Cook) #414

Fair play to TP for taking a stance on this. It’s good for consumers to know that they won’t take negative reviews down due to pressure from companies. Just makes my job a little trickier…


I think this is the problem in a nutshell. There’s an informative asymmetry here which makes it very difficult for Monzo.

On a broader point, I wonder if Monzo (and other banks) are feeding back the impact of these regulations to the Treasury, or would have suggestions on how to make things better for everyone affected?

(Tony Hoyle) #416

I really want microsoft to reinstate the xbox ban forum. It was freaking hillarious.

Alas, it’s gone and you can only find stories about it.

Edit: Wayback machine has some of the later ones, but still a lot missing…

(Nick) #417

I remember that forum. And what I remember is not the scammers, but the parents. “Why was my little Jimmy banned? He’s a good boy and he’s very upset.” “Your little Jimmy called other players ‘J** n***** f***’ among other things, despite being warned several times.”


@cookywook also starting to pop up here: , though I think this one might not be made up.

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Crypto :grimacing:

Wonder how many of them blocked accounts are because of crypto trading?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #420

I seem to remember a similar one called “It was my brother” or something along those lines which collated all these from all platforms. Many wasted hours reading through them and crying with laughter :rofl:

New reddit layout *cringe :grimacing:

(Harry) #421

A lot of these issues are probably down to some kind of AML, fraud, etc. so Monzo won’t be able to make comments, I agree it doesn’t paint a great picture but I can’t say I know many people who trust the reviews on Trustpilot (insert irony here)

(Michael) #422

Happened to look at the Facebook reviews area for Monzo earlier (before looking for this thread). Even without reading any of the comments above, the pattern of people complaining about their accounts being frozen or money kept away from freezing babies was quite visible


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