Payee Name Correction

I have some regular payees in my account. Everytime I send them cash it tells me it could be fraud. It would be great to auto correct matching names so next time I don’t get the warning to remove the step.


Why don’t you correct the names so they match who you are paying?

Auto correct would defeat the object of the scheme.


“But all these warnings about me being defrauded are annoying. I wish there was a way of opting out. Maybe a toggle?”



Depends on the context. When you get a partial match on confirmation of payee it will display the correct name. It actually makes a lot of sense that if you accept the confirmation that Monzo would correct the name for current and future payments (or at least offer the option)

Exactly this. It tells me the name as it a appears on the account as the warning, I say to myself yes, that’s them, I’m happy that’s accurate and it gives me the option to update. I’m happy for fraud warnings my point is every week I pay the same person the same amount and it gives the same warning.

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As Revels said above, whilst Monzo doesn’t offer an auto–update, why don’t you change the name in your payee details, to stop the warnings?

I realize I can do this. I didn’t come to moan. I came to make a suggestion about an ergonomic improvement

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Sure. It’s just you mentioned it happening weekly to the same payee and I just wondered why you hadn’t fixed it.


Excellent question Jamie. Maybe after another 52 weeks I’ll get round to it.

If it’s the same person, the same amount, every week, why don’t you just set it up as a standing order? Then you wouldn’t get the repeated warnings.

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Again, excellent suggestion. I probably should do this for this one because I do pay my cleaner nearly every week. But I came here to offer a decent suggestion for improvement not for people to highlight my poor choices.