Trends server down? [Fix soon]

Anyone else having this issue? Been down all day now.

Mines is working OK. on Android.

I had that issue last night but resolved now, very odd!

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Looking at the time in the screenshot in combination with their message, this was probably posted yesterday but held for approval until today so the issue was yesterday and fixed today.

I bet this was to do with the clock change.

Monzo don’t observe the clock change, so it shouldn’t. They just keep ticking along in UTC like nothing’s happened.

Go overdrawn at 00:40, and you’ll see when you get charged interest at 1am.

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Mines working fine iOS

I also had the same after I changed my reset date to the 1st on 31st. Once it became today (1st April) it fixed itself

I couldn’t access trends from my iPhone all day yesterday with the same issue. Fixed today but very frustrating at the end of the month.

We don’t talk about this… :eyes:

Hey folks :wave:. We did get caught out by a time bug in this feature when you have a Target Spend set which surfaced on the shorter calendar day. We’re getting a fix out there very soon.

The vast majority of our systems work on UTC time. Trends is slightly different in that it works in your local timezone so we can generate the correct insight. We’re adding a bunch more tests to this path to make sure this doesn’t occur again.


Paging @N26throwaway :smiley:

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Everything should just work this way. No excuses.


is the CSV export tied to any of the systems that might be suffering from this UTC timezone bug? Can’t seem to get the export to work, keeps telling me to check my internet connection