Trends incorrectly calculates Flexed payments

Trends shows a transaction twice after it has been flexed. While it should sum up to zero, in the trends it still shows as if it has been paid out.

Details to reproduce:
Purchase A
Flex it
You will see in trends as follows:

Purchase A -XXX£
Paid by Flex A -XXX£
Returned for A +XXX£

OS: iOS 16.4.1 (20E252)
Device: iPhone 13 Pro
App Version:


Pay by debit card.

Move to Flex, which causes refund to bank account.

Pay off Flex.

Is that how you did that transaction? If so, three entries is correct.

Hey Carlo,
The purpose of flex is so that you pay in the next month over 3 or more payments.
What currently happens in Trends is that it appears as if the payment was made entirely this month instead of the next month.

The ‘Paid for by Flex’ transaction, is technically like applying for a loan, and should exist somewhere as a transaction but not among your current transactions.

Pay by debit card: -275£
Flex: +275
---------------------------------- So far the sum is 0£ which makes sense
then you add:
Paid for by Flex: -275£
---------------------------------- Your statement here becomes as if you didn’t use flex and as if in the current month you paid the 275£ and you didn’t flex it for the next months

Does it make sense ?

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Ah, I just reproduced this.

Flex handles itself as another card/account now, so it will show as it being charged, which essentially it has been charged as a spend that same month to that account.

If you remove Flex from the accounts shown in spending it removes it from the Spending screen.

Your repayments later down the line won’t show towards the amount repaid as they come up as Transfers which are automatically excluded by Trends.

It’s working as designed, your debit card spend is £0.00 for this transaction as it’s been returned by Flex.

I removed Flex from the accounts as you suggested and now I can see the correct numbers :face_with_peeking_eye:

Sorry for the trouble!

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