Monzo Flex - Flexing refunded transaction

I noticed that if I make a purchase and then refund it I can still flex the original purchase (essentially a free cash advance) seems like a bug unless we are supposed to able to flex refunded purchases
Details to reproduce:
Make a purchase online that gets refunded and flex the original transaction
App Version:


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You need to use the refund from the shop to pay back the refund from Flex.

Assuming you made the purchase with debit card first and moved over to Flex?

Though at times it can also refund your current account if purchased via Flex virtual card details instead.

You don’t need to? Do you?

Well no, you’d just be repaying Flex back over the term agreed which may involve interest if over 3 months.

Personally would rather just settle up but if the person needed the Flex loan for something else then that’s fine too.

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To clarify, when you refund something back to your flex account, it’s doesn’t automatically pay that transaction off in Flex, you have to manually do it?!

If merchants do it properly, yes, it’ll pay it off & put extra in your current account. If it doesn’t pay it off, the money will go into your current account, and you can then use that to pay the flex payment off.

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If you made the payment by debit card, then moved to Flex, the refund would go to your debit card, and you use that to pay off flex.


I did it with Flex and it go refunded to Flex but didn’t pay off transaction.

Strange anomaly but I remember working Flex customers and it would happen sometimes, possibly relative to how they do the refund.

@TheoGibson i think is the go to for this.

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Did the refund cover the full amount? Was it a pay over 3 month setup, or longer with interest?

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Got the full amount and it was pay off in full in next run if that makes sense.

Yea, makes sense - is the transaction in Flex showing any money owing on it still? Could be that the transaction has been paid off (ie, £0 owing), but there’s no paid off message?

It’s paid off now as I’ve manually done it myself. I guess that’s just how it is with some retailers. Pretty sure I’ve had one before that’s paid off the transaction in the Flex part straight away. :man_shrugging:t3: