Trends - a big update to the Monzo experience

Yep, at some point Summary will go away—once we’re happy Trends is a suitable replacement! nods :+1:


Which bit is the summary? The bar chart above my main account? I rely on the “£xx.xx left for yy days” :blush:

Summary is the xx left for yy days, and accessible by the pie chart top right on the main transaction feed screen. The bar charts, are part of trends, as you’re in the trends tab

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Ooh thank you :blush:. I never use the pie chart thing but when I’m in my main account I have a little line below the balance that splits amount by days. I hope that line remains. Trends doesn’t do it.

Having recently signed up for Monzo business one of the things I’ve found surprisingly lacking is trends.

I get you want to separate out accounts clearly, but would be cool to have trends for business too, summary isn’t really that useful for me personally.

I’d also love an update on when budgeting is moving over to Trends. This is a really useful feature, and I can’t use it properly at the moment because my regular payments aren’t included in the budget bit. Trends seems to be aiming to handle this better (include everything unless you actively choose to exclude it seems to be the long term aim) but there’s no budgeting yet.

I’d also really love to see left to spend ported over as this is a really helpful feature for me budgeting wise.


This kind of insight is exactly what I’m looking for, however clicking on it just takes me to trends where insights such as these are not as clear. If Monzo know whether I’m spending more or less than this time last pay cycle (like this notification suggests) that kind of statement would be great for inclusion in trends


It was alluded to in the latest TF release notes … But not sure what that means :joy:


Anyone else getting an unresponsive Trends?

On Android if I swipe back a few periods I’m frequently met by the spinny thing of death:

(cc @tjvr)

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No, it’s pretty instant for me (iOS). It was less instant last week and I was frequently getting momentary flashes of a screen with “Sorry” at the top.

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Instant for me too on Android :person_shrugging:

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I’m getting that too intermittently, possibly when I swipe back quickly ~5 months or so, may be some kind of rate limiting.

Although doing it slower it will allow me to see more months but it will still trigger sometimes.

Android 12 latest beta.

Its working as expected for me - IOS

This issue should be fixed in Android version 4.37.0 which is in beta at the moment.

But if you see it happening in 4.37.0 or later let me know and I’ll take another look


I couldn’t replicate the reported issues on 4.37.0 - :bug: squashed :+1:


Same here. Thanks @smetz - excellent bug squashing and foruming :tada:


My trends have been unresponsive for a few days now. I keep re-trying and it constantly tells me to try again. I am on a month view only so I am not even going back in time. In the last 2 weeks, I have gone for a yearly view and looked at stats and reverted back to a monthly view

I am on app version 4.39.0 on an iOS 15.5 on and iPhone 11 Pro

  • I’ve tried hard closing the app several times and open it
  • In one of the recent updates I was logged out and had to log back in again which resolves the delete and install approach
  • Every refresh brings up the error message for me

Any ideas?

I’ve now deleted and re-installed the app and am now stuck on this screen. Is anyone else facing the same issue as I?

It looks like Monzo is aware, so you’ll just have to be patient I’m afraid :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Perfect no worries just didn’t hear anything in the forums (unless I’ve just been oblivious) so thought i’d post it so the team can see it! Glad they are on it

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