Trends - a big update to the Monzo experience

I’m solely judging that by the image you posted :pray:t3:

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I thought @Carlo1460 meant he was aware Monzo were aware. I checked last night - when you posted this - and it worked for me :person_shrugging:

You’re best to reach out to support @achchu I think :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you! okay so I’ve spent 5 minutes on the app and I am having the same issues as others ‘finding the chat’ option. The help articles aren’t helpful as it doesn’t whittle down to the specific problem. How can I get to the chat? any tips?

Read what it says next to my name :+1:


It’s almost a year since initial release of trends and I think almost 6 months since last update.

Is there any possibility of a 1 year progress post for the community, summarising how things have developed and perhaps some sneak peeks of what’s coming up?

I’m surprised Summary is still around, so am particularly interested in how long it will be before it can be removed from the app.


I honestly still don’t know how to use Trends properly. It just tells me one month I’ve spent £100 more than the previous month, for example.

Maybe because it still doesn’t align with my 4 weekly pay cycle.

Interested to know how people make use of it, or is it a bit of a gimmick?


I think my issue is I’m not the target audience because I’m a nerd with my own graphs and that’s completely fine, I want Monzo to be introducing these trends to the masses.

I really only use it as a shortcut to make sure things are in the right categories.



I find it exceptionally useful as a looking back tool. Together with custom categories, it’s helped me answer questions like:

  • How much am I spending on energy? What was my average monthly cost last year?
  • How much did I used to spend on holidays pre-plague?
  • How has my salary and other income changed over time?

It’s really exceptional (so good I said it twice) and better (imo) than the dedicated aggregators. But it’s suffering from the standard Monzo approach of not being finished and not enough aggressive focus on improving it.

I’m drawn to something that (I think) @edo1493 said: Emma iterates quickly and rolls out new features because their business depends on it. I think as this is just one of many Monzo bits, it’s got a bit lost in the wash. Which is a shame.


Always welcome to use Emma for free. We have also just launched stock trading and Emma Pots are coming next month.


I’ve given it a few goes in the past but hasn’t quite gelled for me. Time to give it another go, maybe!

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Sorry, but I still don’t find trends useful. I still use summary, both for budgeting and tracking my spending/committed spending. It would be great to understand what’s coming down the line to integrate the two.

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Is that not useful information?

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I don’t think so, depends how you do your budgeting I guess.

It would be a lot more useful if it actually matched my pay cycle. Monthly is pretty useless to me. I need to be 4 weekly to properly play around with it and see if it’s useful.


Ah ok, so for you the issue is limited pay cycle options, rather than a lack of per-category budgeting which I suspect is an issue for some when it comes to Trends vs Summary.

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One thing they really need to do if/when they sort out budgeting/pay periods is to recognise their other feature - get paid early.

For me, it’s pointless in Summary as I know the past period will always end the day before it thinks it will.

Because I don’t use Trends for budgeting, it’s helpful to look back on previously completed months where it doesn’t really matter when it started. I keep it as calendar months for simplicity.

That said, having custom periods would be super cool. Like most things, it feels very doable but needs a lot of thought and effort to make it simple and flexible.


Just dropping in to say we do have some exciting Trends news to share this week so keep your eyes peeled! :eyes:


Those eyes! How you tease us!



Very loaded statement…

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Okay what do we think it is? :eyes:

(Whack your suggestions below. May or may not poll).

In the meantime, when’s the excitement gonna drop?

  • Today! Monday 1st
  • Tomorrow! Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • It’s not actually gonna come this week.

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And how exciting is it gonna be?

  • Overwhelming
  • Whelming
  • Underwhelming

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