Trends - a big update to the Monzo experience

I upgraded and I’m in.

I may have missed this, but is the trends period the same as your budget set in the summary? Or is it calendar month IE 1-31st?

Calendar month.

It would be better to have it coincide with my pay month 20th to 19th, maybe it’s being worked on in the background

Is there a way for trends to omit half (or a given percentage) of a joint account in trends? Or is there a way to get around this so that when you spend from a connected joint account it doesn’t think you’ve contributed 100%. I was gunna give this as feedback but I knew alot of you guys know every way of utilising Monzo so thought I’d put it to you guys first.

Short answer - no. The Joint account is a single account with access by 2 people. It doesn’t matter who spends from it, the single transaction is taken from the single account.

For transactions made in-person/online by card (or Apple/Google Pay) or CPA’s, the Monzo service does know who made the transaction, but that level of filtering isn’t available at this time.

D/D’s and scheduled payments are not filtered to each JA user though - they simply go out of the account. The same with income(s), they just arrive in the account and are not tied to a specific JA user.


I’m more referring to if it can split the transaction rather than assigning who made the transaction. Even if it was 50-50 split for each transaction it would make my trends look more balanced.

I’m not sure I follow the 50/50 split process - not to say it is flawed (everyone deals with finances differently) - but I like to see exactly what is available as funds, what is allocated to future bills and what I can spend on a whim without negative effects down the line. To do this I need every transaction in every account to be visible, grouped and accounted for. For me/us, splitting one account by 50% for each of us with the Joint Account would be disastrous.

Trends has a lot of potential as it stands, and could move in a direction which suits us more than Summary did as we have no need for budgeting features. But ‘Left-to-spend’ is crucial.

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I’m not following the split thing either. Could you give an example please?

Are you wanting to buy something on your joint account and then split it 50/50 between yourself and your partner?

Yea but I’m being a bit thick. I just need to assign what I put in to the joint account as the same category as what it comes out rather than transfers for it to work. Sorry about that guys.


But does this mean retrospectively splitting say a tranche of funding for the month into loads of categories?

I was really sad to see this - since the bulk of my direct debits go out on payday or the day after, which is the 24th of the month, there’s almost a whole week of transactions not shown in trends from that pay period. This means I’ll have to continue using the summery to get any useful data.

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One thing which is a bit annoying - for any payments from a joint account I can’t create a custom category, as custom categories are a Monzo plus feature and plus is for single accounts only. If my wife got Monzo plus on her personal accounts would we be able to create custom categories on our joint account?

No, unfortunately.

While custom categories with a :monzo: Plus/Premium subscription on a Personal Account are available, they aren’t available on a :monzo: Joint Account. Even though ‘connected’ accounts allow the same custom categories as the Personal Accounts they are connected to - Joint accounts don’t.



Noticed today that the Joint Account now has 3 new transaction categories available: Income, Savings, Transfers. But these 3 new categories are not available on the Sole Account, except that the Summary feature does list Transfers under the Income grouping. So I’m confused about what’s going on! Any thoughts/explanations welcomed.

iOS App is 3.99.0 #764
Not a Plus or Premium customer

I have these available on my account, and I’m a free-user on iPhone… :eyes:

Do you mean on your sole a/c?
If so, do you also have a joint a/c with those 3 new categories?
Trying to establish if there’s a pattern! Or if maybe it’s just something gone wrong…

I have those three categories available on the payments category list on a solo account transaction, with no joint account. They were added recently - savings and transfers are near the end of the list.

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Yes on sole. No I don’t have a Joint Account.

Have raised the issue with Monzo for clarification, they are investigating. I”m guessing the 3 new categories should also be there on my Sole account.