Travelling with Monzo: The Americas

Travel tips and advice on using Monzo abroad from our high-flying community!

Travel Tips

  • There may be issues making withdrawals from mag stripe ATM’s if your identity has not been verified or you have not enabled mag stripe withdrawals in the app.

  • List of non-mag stripe ATMs (Worldwide)

  • We’d advise where possible, to pay and withdraw in local currency rather than GBP to avoid additional charges!

  • In any instance where you are asked to select card type when making a payment via terminal or ATM withdrawal, select Credit.

:blue_heart: - Significant issues
:yellow_heart: - Works with some limitations
:green_heart: -Generally works as expected, no major issues reported

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:green_heart: Argentina :argentina:

:green_heart: Bolivia :bolivia:

:yellow_heart: Brazil :brazil:

[details=Summary]* Known Issues
-Monzo is recognised as a credit card which may cause authorisation issues at some smaller vendors
-Mag stripe withdrawals only at Banco do Brasil and Caixa[/details]

:green_heart: Canada :canada:

[details=Summary]* Other information
-The upper limit for contactless transactions is $100.[/details]

:yellow_heart: Chile :chile:

[details=Summary]* Works at
-Scotia Bank (no fee)
-Corpbanca (no fee)
-Banco BBVA with no charges (no fee)
-Banco de Chile
-Santander, BCI
-Banco Estado

Known Issues

  • Doesn’t work at:
    -Banco Falabella[/details]

:yellow_heart: Colombia :colombia:

[details=Summary]* Works at:

Known Issues

  • Doesn’t work at:

Other information
-Monzo is recognised as Credit Card. Merchants will sometimes ask for ID[/details]

:yellow_heart: Cuba :cuba:

[details=Summary]More information needed!

Other information
-Visa/Mastercards accepted as long as the issuing bank is not from the USA[/details]

:yellow_heart: Dominican Republic :dominican_republic:


More information needed!

:yellow_heart: Honduras :honduras:


More information needed!

:yellow_heart: Jamaica :jamaica:


More information needed!

:green_heart: Mexico :mexico:

:yellow_heart: Panama :panama:


More information needed

:yellow_heart: Peru :peru:


More information needed

:yellow_heart: USA :us:

[details=Summary]Known Issues

  • Doesn’t work at:
    -Universal Studios
    -MTS Metro
    -Some petrol pumps

Other information
-Most ATM’s charge a $3 withdrawal fee
-Tipping system means payments at restaurants are delayed and may not show in the app for a day or two.[/details]

:yellow_heart: Uruguay :uruguay:

[details=Summary]More information needed!

Known Issues
-18% VAT discount applied to foreign card transactions can take upto 3 days to show in the app [/details]