Monzo in Uruguay 🇺🇾

I’ve been using my Monzo card in Uruguay and so far it has worked perfectly everywhere I tried it. One thing I’ve noticed is that Monzo seems to take 3 to 5 days to process the 18% VAT discount that the Uruguayan government gives to foreign cards (this is being done to promote tourism from abroad).

Since the discount is applied automatically on the POS the merchant uses, the discount should be instant and shouldn’t take so long to clear. Anyone else experiencing this? Let me know your thoughts…



Hi Javier. Small world finding you on here - ex-sabre employee here. Hope all is well. I’ve just ordered a Monzo card to expand my range of borderless wallet cards to use from my GBP account. Currently been using Weswap with great success. Unfortunately El Faro/Las Delicias seem to escape this discount rule. Worked well in La Pasiva and Macs. My discount normally takes 2 days to be refunded if a mastercard is used - this is normal and how a mastercard works. Visa should be instant though.

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