Travelling to South America - need cash!

Hi all!

I’ll be travelling to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro next week. After reading a few threads on this forum about people’s experiences, I’m thinking it’s best to take out some cash before travelling.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what services are good value? Have been recommended Thomas Cook by a friend, but have just checked the exchange rates vs spot rates and the difference is quite significant.

Any recommendations welcome,


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I’d try and find out if any ATM’s there charge a fee for cash withdrawals. If not you’ll be better off taking out some there with your Monzo card.

Up to £200 is free whereafter monzo charge a 3% fee.

Thanks! - I’ve looked around in the forum and it looks like the cash machines are actually quite expensive/unreliable in both Argentina and Brazil, hence I’m trying to find an alternate solution to have as a backup.

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This is worth a shot for getting some before you go.

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will give it a go, thanks!

Oh one thing that they mention on that site but I want to make sure you’re fully aware of is beware of sites that ask for bank transfer rather than paying by card. Bank transfers are not protected if they don’t actually deliver what you order. I, personally, don’t use any site that forces bank transfer.

Also, if any of them still charge a fee for using card instead of bank transfer, that’s illegal and they should be reported

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As generally travelling advice:
Keep some cash on you and some in each bag. Keep one card on you and one in your luggage.

That way if you get mugged, or loose your wallet, there is still the second set.

Learnt this from experience of having my wallet pick pocketed, and then having no other card…

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