I'll be traveling to Brazil

Hi everyone,

I’ll be travelling to Brazil next month, and would like to know which currency I should choose to pay with?
Should I pay in Pounds or in Brazilian Reals?
Also, how much can I withdraw whilst I’m there?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

With Monzo, pay in the local currency. You’ll get the best conversion rate that way.

How much you can withdraw depends on your account.

  • £200 per month for Monzo’s standard account
  • £400 per month with Monzo Plus
  • £600 per month with Monzo premium

You can withdraw beyond those limits, but there’s a 3% fee if you do.


Thanks for replying

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Big tip. Bradesco worked for cash withdrawals with a Revolut Visa and Monzo Master. Could not get either to work at Banco do Brazil. This was in 2022.