Travelling abroad is there a limit of time away from the UK?!

Just received my first Monzo card I go travelling throughout Asia on the 30th of August on a 1 way ticket!
I have no idea how long I’ll be away could be 6 months or I could hate it & come home after 2 weeks!
I also have another account with another company who have informed me if I am out of the country for longer than 6 months my account will be frozen & my money donated to charity!
Does Monzo do something similar or am I free as a UK resident to be able to use my Monzo account longer than 6 months & if not what happens to my money & account!
Thank you so much & have a great day!

You have to be a UK resident to keep your monzo account,

This is probably a good way of seeing if you’ll be a resident,

But contact monzo in app to check, search contact us in the app help section.

Let us know what they say, for future reference to help others.

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You’ll be fine at the time limits you’ve mentioned tbf, people have asked about 12 months before and been told they’ll be fine.