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hi guys. I opened my monzo account in the UK some weeks ago. I normally love in Gambia in West Africa. I’m back in Africa and been trying for some days to make a transfer to another UK account and the app keeps telling me here’s a problem and I should contact Monzo if it persists. But there’s no contact I see.

can someone help Please?

You need to be a UK resident and live here full time in order to have a Monzo account. With this in mind I’d be wary of being too reliant on this account as you’re breaching the T&Cs, so they’re within their right to close it without notice.

That being said, is everything else working? Can you transfer to other accounts, use your card etc?

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Go to help, and search for ‘contact.’

I have used my card to make withdrawals, yes. My time in Gambia is coming to an end and so am returning to UK. which is why I opened this account to begin with.

Oh ok, that’s good. I just didn’t want you to (potentially) suddenly locked out of your account so thought I’d mention it :slight_smile:

In that case, if you’ve tried removing the app and reinstalling - follow the steps that @Anarchist gave and you should be able to reach out to support.

I’m not sure that this is necessarily true. You need to be a UK resident to get a Monzo card, I can’t find any reference to having to remain a UK citizen, although Monzo could close your account with notice if they thought you’d moved out of the country.

I took it from here:

So while you’re right it doesn’t say what happens when you move out of the country. It could still be a risk like I mentioned because not only are you not a full time resident but you don’t have a UK address.

I am normally resident in UK with a UK address. I came to Gambia to do a short job and will return soon.

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I just called the helpline, no joy.

Don’t call. Use the in app chat - that’s the best and preferred way.

You don’t need to call them.

“The best way to contact our support team is to chat with us in the app.”

No worries, was just discussing something else with @Anarchist - sorry for going off topic.

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How do I do that?

With the instructions you were given above. Scroll to the bottom and there should be a ‘chat with us’ button.