Visitor travelling in London with children (oyster v travelcard v contactless)

I’m heading down to London for 3 days with my daughter who is 12. A bit unsure of what is best for travel. We are staying at Docklands (Zone 2 & 3) and will be hopping on and off the tube/DLR for the 3 days.
From what I have read I think my best (cheapest) option is just using my contactless card which will be capped (tell me if I am wrong). But what is best for my daughter for the 3 days? A visitor Oyster (which I think costs £5) or an anytime travelcard?

I’ve been on the TFL site and my head hursts so any tips would be appreciated.


TFL Say:

11-15 years

If you’re travelling with children aged 11-15, buy a Visitor Oyster card before you leave home and, when you arrive in London, you can ask a member of our staff to add a Young Visitor discount to a Visitor Oyster card at:

• most Tube stations
• TfL’s 8 Visitor Centres
• Victoria National Rail station ticket office

The Young Visitor discount gives your child half adult rate pay as you go discount for up to 14 days.

So I feel that’s going to be your best possible rate.

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For yourself yes using a contactless card would be best.
You may be eligible for discounts if you have certain Railcards but even if you were the savings over 3 days wouldn’t be worth the hassle.
One word of warning though, you’ll need to make sure you’re always using the same card/device to touch in and out at the gates. You’ll be charged extra if you for example touch in using your phone then touch out using your physical card.

Having a look around for Travelcard Rates (I find it so hard to find prices out on TFLs website…!)

For a Z1-4, 3 day, age 11-15 travel card, will cost £19.50

I can’t work out how Pay as you Go capping would work on a Visitor Card with Child Discount, but I think it will still be cheaper than ^

I keep these two tools bookmarked:

Thanks. It does look like buying the Visitor Oyster and getting the young person discount loaded is the best option.