Monzo link with 16-25 railcard

(Maksym Davyd Rewko) #1

Super annoying that TFL insist that contactless payments are the same price as oyster. They don’t take into account that you can link your railcard to your Oyster card to get 1/3rd off tube travel.

Would be great to link a railcard to your monzo card to have the same benefits ?

(Allie) #2

Unfortunately, this is a TfL thing. And it isn’t just 16-25. There are lots of missing ticket options, sadly.

(Liam W) #3

Yup, I have a student oyster for the travel card discount.

It would be wonderful if I could associate a student travel card to a contactless card.

It probably wouldn’t take significant effort on TfL’s end either - they already collect all journey’s until charging at the end of the day. They would just have to add some branching to check if there’s an active travel card on the account…