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I go away to Spain in a couple of weeks, planning on taking my Monzo card, but which one? I understand the CA card doesn’t support magstripe transactions, but are there any other downsides?

My prepaid is currently empty, but can transfer funds over should the prepaid be considered a more reliable travel card?

That said, fingers crossed my account will be migrated in the next couple of weeks so the two become one.


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Not really, other than you pay ATM transaction fee (with a current account card)

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Is there a difference in fees between the two cards that I have missed? I understand ATM fees are potentially coming, but not arrived yet, or have they?

Not that I plan on using an ATM much, just wondering.

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From what I understand, ATM fees are charged - at cost - for all current account cards. I don’t have any sources for this other than what people having been saying on here so if someone important like @tomsr has more accurate info that would be great to know :+1:


I think you are both right. The charges for withdrawals abroad have not been introduced on either card, but charges for withdrawals in the UK where ATM say there is a withdrawal fee these are being applied to the one card but not the other.

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I’d also love to know more details on this… how did I miss it lol

I just went to South Africa. And as the atm are magstripe my current account could not withdraw cash - which is needed for tipping everywhere. Had to revert to pre pay

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My habit has become to take both - with my Halifax Clarity Credit Card as a back-up.

I’ve recently faced a couple of difficulties using Monzo (which were quickly rectified) so for the time being still carry a backup card - just in case.

If Monzo enable magstripe activation before they close the prepaid card, I fully expect to use my Monzo debit card exclusively. However, still not confirmed that this functionality will be enabled prior to migration.

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I don’t think there’s any fees for cash withdrawals on the current account yet. I made two withdrawals overseas today, with no fees.

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Thanks @crablab - not important but I do volunteer to keep forum in order where possible.

A) fees for withdrawing cash from ATMs abroad are not applicable yet - this is prepaid and CA
B) magstripe does not work with CA yet. This is mentioned in the help section of the CA app
C) separately - if I’m reading correctly - cash machines that state they will charge a fee (ie £1.85) will sometimes not charge due to a bug that’s being fixed

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Thanks for clarifying Tom


I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: Never travel with one card only. See my old post for my reasoning.

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Totally agree. To confirm, I was not taking “only” my Monzo card, I have a backup - just don’t want to have to carry a Monzo card to “backup” my other Monzo card. My question was which (at this point in time), is regarded as most stable for international travel.

Based on the above comments, I think I this is the prepaid in case of Magstripe terminals.

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I mean you can always top up a prepaid for a current account card (if you’re on the preview)!

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I’ve used the CA card multiple times in the last two months overseas at ATMs and at POS, I haven’t been charged any fees :slight_smile:


As a back up I used to always carry a Mastercard and a Visa branded debit card in case any issues with one card scheme. However with most banks now switched over to Mastercard I instead take one card with a UK BIN and the other with a non UK BIN.


I have a Visa, MasterCard and Amex and take them all, just in case. Amex will be last as their overseas rates are eye watering.

To be fair, I’ve never had a problem with any card. Usually my Halifax Clarity wins overseas, it’s nit failed me yet.

It’s stable and I get no issues with spending anywhere with it.

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