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Hi there
To use my pre-pay card at an ATM abroad I was told (after it failed me!) I had to slide the button for “Magstripe ATMs” in the settings in the app.
This is not there in the current account settings.
We fly to Malta tomorrow: can anyone confirm I will be okay to use it for cash out?
(& the prepay card - right now I have both, like many of you)
I’m hoping so, as they are loaded up for holiday spending!!!


you will be able to use prepaid card in these magstrip ATMs but not the CA preview card as explained at the launch meetings or in the video you had to watch if receiving the card at home rather than the office

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Ahhh…I thought I had watched things, but clearly not.
Better start shuffling the money about…wonder if I can move it out fast enough!!
Thanks for the rapid reply!

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Will it work as a debit card in stores and bars etc? Or is the CA card “unusable” abroad?
(as I look for the video link…!)


yep CA works in non magstrip (but not magstrip) POS OK be they online or offline, and Prepay works in non magstrip (or magstrip if enabled) POS online but not offline.

Unless someone can correct me (please note there are 1st gen and 2nd gen CA card chips and the usability of each may differ)

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1st gen is less reliable and doesn’t work offline so well

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