Transparent Roadmap - timing question

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So. The transparent roadmap is great.

But I’ve always wondered why there’s a section for ‘next 3 months’ and then a section for ‘6-9 months’?

I know it’s only rough etc, but I’ve never understood why near term and medium term don’t have the same end/start point respectively? Presumably this means that at the moment stuff is staying in medium term too long, and looking like it’s still 6+ away when it might only be 4 for instance?

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There is no 4 to 5 months as they are all going to be away on holiday then :joy:

(Tommy Long) #3

I’ve always wondered this myself… I’ve come to assume that the 6-9 is actually 4-9

(Danny) #4

I’m interested to see how Monzo answers this! I’m a Product Manager and use a similar Short/Medium/Long term roadmap style.

For me though it’s labelled Now (as in currently being worked on), Next (not started, but up next), and Beyond (not really prioritised but we reckon we’ll do it eventually!).

I don’t commit to any dates if I can avoid it but typically people in my company know Now will be delivered within 3 months, Next Within 6 and Beyond can be anything after that.

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Good question :thinking: I honestly can’t remember why I did that originally. My best, slightly bullshitty, answer is that it makes it clear it’s very rough and inaccurate. But yeah, there’s no specific logic :slight_smile:

Why Monzo Cards Aren't Working Today
(Alex) #6

Haha slightly bullshitty, but fair enough, I’ll take that :sweat_smile:

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