Translation to other languages

I have my phone in Spanish, however the app is still in English. Based on the number of internationals in London and other large UK cities, I’m surprised that other languages have not been included in the roadmap.

Is it possible to volunteer translating the app, and server side, to other languages?


More than happy to help with this when you decide to do so, it’s my job.


Happy to help you guys with Malay and Arabic languages! :sparkles::sparkles:

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Happy to help in French, Italian or Spanish. I think it’d be an awesome feature.
And further down the line it would be AWESOME if the in-built chat could help in different languages. I know a lot of people who haven’t jumped on the Monzo waggon yet because it’s difficult to trust your money to a bank that you can’t understand.


I thought of that today. Given the human user interface is so simple and effective, translating it to any language wouldn’t take any bilingual person much longer than an hour.

Other things like Terms of Service or things as such would of course take much longer, but it could be done in stages.

Like JBrockbank offered, I think many of us could contribute with the translations if the option gets included in the app.


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I suspect it’s not the translation per se, but the culture, tone, feel and intent behind the words that Monzo might want to take their time over - I suspect they would never go for literal (ish) translations…

(Not to say that it’s not something that Monzo would go for, I just suspect they might want to tread lightly for the first few new languages…)

Great idea, though…

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Bonega ideo!

Happy to help with any localisation needs. I’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years now with global brands and other Fintechs.
If anyone from Monzo sees this, feel free to reach out …