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Monese now officially support 8 languages in their in app support but have staff capable of speaking 10 different languages.

While Monzo are officially only providing English language support, do they know how many different languages their staff are able to speak?

(Bob) #2

My Korean housemate has applied for Monzo COps… :crossed_fingers:

(Simon B) #3

We are a close team, so yes, we know who speaks different languages for the most part!

(Bob) #4

Just a thought… does the software Monzo use for the customer support channel support non-Latin alphabets?


Well they do support emoji so it’s safe to assume UTF-8 works fine. The only potential concern is whether the UI will adapt for right-to-left languages.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Since Monzo are planning to expand into Asia, this is definitely going to be key. Judging by how much thought they’ve given the allowing for Asian (& other) name formats, I’m guessing that they’ve considered this too (cue similarly awesome post from @james on this too).

(James Nicholson) #8

I ran a quick Slack vote-by-emoji poll and we speak at least 15 languages natively:

Dutch (and Flemish)
Portuguese (and Brazilian Portuguese)

… and that’s just people who happened to see and respond to the poll :ballot_box:

Answers also included Python, Klingon, Legalese, Music and Alpaca :upside_down_face:

(Marta) #9

For a second I thought it was a joke - it was last on the list and doesn’t look as serious… I was seriously enjoying the idea… speak with someone on Monzo support chat in alpaca, I was considering making funny alpaca-like onomatopoeias, or jokes, just to confuse some poor soul. Then… I googled it, it’s programming language and I’m a bit disappointed now… :frowning:

(Alex Sherwood) #10

I just assumed that was Paul :wink:

(James Nicholson) #11

It is! He has over 200 alpacas. They’re very cuddly :slight_smile:

(Marta) #12

Oh. Okay. Now we’re talking. Talking in alpaca. I’m definitely going to alpaca on someone from support. I just hope that Paul will be around to translate.:relieved:

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