Monzo in Welsh

Could Monzo be the first bank providing a service 100% in Welsh?

Monzo has a customer service centre in the capital so it won’t be too difficult to get customer service advisers who speak the language, plus Monzo being app based gives it a huge advantage over other banks. With the language becoming more and more popular and the Welsh Gov aiming to get a million speakers by 2050 does it make business sense?

Just an idea I noticed it hasn’t really been talked about. Personally if the option was there I would use it.

As a business, what is the benefit to Monzo? Would millions of Welsh people NOT signup because it was not offered in Welsh?

It would be nice to see but they’d then need to support Irish and gaelic as well

I also remember welsh speakers telling me there is a huge variation between Welsh spoken in the north and south

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Signing up to a bank is usually a combination of many factors, as a Welsh speaker if a bank offered a full service in Welsh and was convenient I would certainly join.

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There is and there isn’t really, although there is a variant usually you can understand. It’s a bit like the English language for words like bap and roll, you know they are both the same thing but you would call it the way your region does. But obviously it’s a lot more prevalent in Welsh

I’m certain that there are some people like that.

There are also some people who would be encouraged to sign up if the option was available.

To be fair, there’s a huge difference in English between north and south, too.


Tha, gu dreach gaelic Albannach cuideachd!

(Yes, to a Scottish gaelic version too)


Every language has dialects within it, that in itself isn’t a reason not to provide the app in other languages.

I’d imagine providing alternative language versions is well down the list of priorities though unless regional governments are willing to throw some money at the issue.

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I’m half welsh half Chinese. Can I get my app in 50/50 ? :joy:


Top or bottom? Left or right?? Every OTHER transaction??


Out of curiosity is there a huge difference between the two Gaelics? (A bit uneducated on that). Also does the Scottish government support the language as much as the Welsh Gov supports the Welsh language?

They are recognised as different languages (not quite but think American English versus BBC English :wink: )

Scottish government does ok, like most things, could do better. We have street signs, and BBC Alba which broadcasts gaelic only programming, some schools offer it too.

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Would you opt for a Gaelic version of the app if you could? And if they’re so similar and they made the option available for Irish but not Scottish Gaelic would you take it?

I would opt for neither as English is my first language. And I don’t think you’d want to ask Irish users to take Scottish Gaelic or vice versa, we are both very proud nations!!

and then don’t forget Ulster Scots as a language

Not a language, that’s a dialect (and distinct from “Scots” from which it derives). Pedant? Me?

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I 100% agree but they call it a language, have equility in signage etc for it and it’s one of those things Stormont fell out over

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Heh, I know. But ‘they’ are wrong… :wink: #windup

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would 100% enable this if its available - nothing like waking up first thing in the morning and needing a brain teaser to figure out what I paid for the night before