TransferWise Question

Closed account holding my 100k+ EUR! Not Recommended!!
TransferWise closed my account without any explanations and I still haven’t received balance back to my bank account.
When I sent transfer from my bank account to my TransferWise account (not for the first time!) I got request from TransferWise for additional information about my business activity as well as bank statements and most recent annual report documents. All the information was provided the same day (business activity description, Loss & profit document and bank statements with all the recent transactions details), and the next day I received response from Transferwise that everything was ok after reviewing information and my incoming transfer was processed.
In a day I created a wire transfer to my regular partner (it was the fourth transfer to the same partner within last 3 months via TransferWise), the transfer was sent successfully and in a day i got notification my account is closed with hold of more than 100k eur on my balance!
Very unprofessional service and won’t recommend it to anyone!

Have you involved any official bodies yet? £100k locked, I’d be a bit stronger than “won’t recommend” myself.


Not yet, still waiting for TransferWise actions. Just yesterday sent my bank details to get my balance back and received response from TW team my request was transferred to relevant team without any dates & terms of TW actions.

In case I won’t receive balance back, I’ll involve official bodies for sure!

Sounds like you’ve been caught in AML of some sort, it happens. Best to keep in contact with Transferwise directly. I’m assuming they don’t monitor the Monzo forums.

Thanks for recommendations)
I’ve posted my complaints, reviews at,, compareremit , consumeraffairs , trustpilot etc.

If TransferWise protects its reputation I should get responses.

Not if it’s AML, they can’t say til they’ve finished their investigation


What investigation do you mean? They’ve already closed my account.

Hi @mnpsservices unfortunately this isn’t something we can help you with here on the Monzo forum. It sounds like you’ll need to talk to TransferWise directly about this.

(I’ve also split this discussion off into a new thread).


Call them up 020 3695 0999

Hi Richard Cook

Thanks for your message. I posted information about TW in the thread “TransferWise Question”, not Monzo question …


Hi Danny,

Thanks a lot for a phone number
I’ve called them, but support manager don’t have any information except the status of accounts…(((

Hello @mnpsservices

Thanks for your messages.

As you can understand, we cannot discuss your situation further on this forum.
Contacting our team was the right thing to do, I’m sure they’ll get back to you soon with a resolution.

When an account is deactivated, our support team isn’t provided with a reason for that, you therefore need to contact another department to the email ID providing them with your full name and your date of birth. They’ll review your appeal and get back to you within 2 working days.

Thanks for your understanding