TransferWise announces whopping $280M investment as early shareholders cash in

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Looks like Starling will be launching a Transferwise integration soon!

noting that TransferWise is already partnering with banks, including challenger N26 and soon Starling

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This could be interesting for those seeking cheap holiday cash

A consumer version, including a TransferWise debit card, is set to launch in the U.K. and Europe in early 2018. That will undoubtedly give further rise to TransferWise being compared to newer fintech upstarts, such as Revolut or a plethora of bona-fide challenger banks


Doesn’t Revolut use TransferWise for international transfers? I know my Irish Euro account said it had come from TransferWise when I used Revolut to withdraw money. It will be interesting to see if they undercut their corporate customers.

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I don’t use Revolut, but I just checked their rates vs Transferwise, and you get an extra €5 with Revolut if you send £1,000. There’s also a £4.29 fee with Transferwise so there not much in the rates, and I guess Revolut would get a bulk rate from Transferwise.

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Whenever I’ve checked, their rates are basically the same. The only reason I use transferwise is that I can do a domestic bank transfer to the in Australia. I’m Australian but living in the UK and often need to do a AUD->GBP transfer. My Australian bank charges $25 for an international transfer to Revolut’s UK account, which is much higher than TransferWise’s fees for all but huge amounts