Revolut and starlings international payment

How can starling and revolut offer the international payment so cheaply? Believe it’s even cheaper than transferwise.

Is monzo looking to provide their own international payment at some point? (Without third party integration).

Revolut and Starling use CurrencyCloud, which has a different fee structure.

I’ve only used Revolut once to transfer money abroad and for $1000 Revolut was only $0.30 cheaper than TransferWise.

Edit: this was some time ago so I don’t know if it’s changed, also I’d have never sent so much money with Revolut if I’d heard the horror stories with them.

There’s very little difference between them

Interesting. Currencycloud sounds like a better option as it provides a more integrated experience? For instance, the first time I’ve tried to use international payment I was asked to sign up for a transferwise account.

Also, isit more cost efficient to provide international payment through currencycloud vs transferwise?


For people looking to save every last penny - Revolut is the cheapest on average (I’ve found).

But the convenience of being able to do it from Monzo, with the customer support you’ll get if things go wrong and the fact it’s all in one place, would outweigh the few pennies difference (IMHO).